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February 13, I wanted to write a letter. That is how it started. I wanted to be able to send someone a beautifully crafted, handwritten letter because deep writign I knew that there was something missing. There is something magical writibg a piece of handwritten mail.

I needed a pen. It needed to be a handwritten letter. I was sending something to someone I care about.

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I needed something that felt like fancy handwriting. I needed a fountain pen. So, I went looking for a fountain pen. Eventually I found a fountain pen in a gift box. I had never used a fountain pen before, but I knew I needed one to get the look that I wanted. So, I went on Amazon and bought some ink and a refillable ink cartridge.

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The price was right. Not just any paper would do. I needed something that felt old, that felt heavy, that made me feel good about what I was sending. I found a small stock of paper and matching envelopes at Staples. It had an antique, heavyweight vibe to paper for writing a letter when. The quality is not what you get from most paper.

Did I mention I have bad handwriting? I have pretty bad handwriting.

The price was good enough, so I had it shipped to my door. Stationery We previously began a series of posts on the lost art of letter writing. There is something magical about a piece of handwritten mail. Recipients will be impressed with your refined taste.

So, I devised a contraption. I found a clear plastic clipboard I could put a light behind. I found a piece of lined paper and taped it to the clipboard. I would write a letter with this strange contraption. Eventually, I found a nice LED light to go under the clipboard. I wanted to do something really cool with the letter. I wanted a wax seal. When was the last time you got a letter with a wax seal on it? Nobody loves me enough to do that.

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So, I went online, I went to eBay, and I went to Etsy in search of the perfect stamp. I found an old supposedly French stamp with the letter K on it. The price was good enough, cor I had it shipped to my door. I ordered the sriting and the wax candles that arrived were a bit smaller than I imagined them to be, but they did a great job. I needed to find a vintage stamp. Luckily the USPS has a really great variety of stamps, some of them with that vintage vibe. I bought a few different kinds.

I now had everything I needed to write the perfect letter. I sat down and wrote the letter. It was a rough draft, I rewrote it one or two times until it looked nice.

Oh, did I mention that I had been writing in my journal with that fountain pen? So, I practice basic letters and words until they start to look like what I want. With everything I need pzper write a letter, I sat down and carefully, painstakingly wrote a letter. I folded nicely, addressed the envelope, applied the postage, and sealed it with my wax and stamp. It was exactly what I was trying to create.

Paper for writing a letter when

It looked official, important, special, meaningful. I put it in the mail.

Paper for writing a letter when

A few days later, I got a phone call… My wyen loved it. That is how my obsession with letter paper for writing a letter when started. That is where I started to care about fountain pens, paper, handwriting, journaling, and all of that stuff started. I wanted to do something special for my mom and it was completely worth it.


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