Write an essay about your holiday

  • Since it does not add a lot to the general idea of the story, I removed it, but maybe someone else could give their input as to what they think about this sentence.
  • What was the guest like?
  • Berlin is a big city.

Tell us about your holidays. The weather was very sunny and hot what is not the case for the moment in Luxembourg. Beaches are rocks-beaches, only one is with sand and thus populated. The sea is clear with small coloured fish but a little too cold for me. Inlanders are very pleasant people and all speak English, the second official language.

It was helpful to review my English on this site before flying! As people drive on the left side, we gave up to rent a car and we covered the island with old English buses the oldest we took was 43 years.

It was very funny and we had the feeling to come back in the past. La Valetta and M'dina are on architectural point of view nice cities. But I'm a little disappointed: I imagined that with the history of "Knights of Malta" there were more interesting places to visit.

It is the first time I participate to a talk Perhaps you won't find my last holidays were very exciting but I had good time and it was the main thing.

I made some walks along the coastal way by the sea. The landscape was splendid and very wild. Sometimes, with my boyfriend, we took a bus and we came back on foot.

Our rented accommodation was near early on a golf. So we made some practice but as our technique wasn't right, my arms and shoulders were stiff! The weather was hot a little bit too hot for me because during my holidays I like to have activities as: Sorry, I don't master this software tool but I am going to learn it! I'm happy to share with you my holidays! I don't know if I will have this year holidays source year because I am preparing my diploma in pharmaceutical sciences' speciality!

AIDS, family, faith, youth I like music too! I like singing and imagining new songs!

Write an essay about your holiday

I struggle to have always time to play or to change job areas and consequences! I hope that with you, I will speak very well English! Your text is pretty good, but you should a few exercises to manage the different tenses. See more forget your capital letters I visited many big towns but it was very short after then I did English courses since for 2 month and I went to the parties with my friends.

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I hope you will come in Cameroon to visit it. It's very relaxing I can asure you. In general, people have holidays in summer. Maybe because it coincides with holiday's schools school holidays but also since it's very hot in almost all the countries through around the world so working became too tir ed ing. Someone wrote here over that holidays are usually short. I think that I have an explanation, simply because as soon as vacations begin we count the past days as well as those that remain.

However, we can't write an essay about your holiday all our administrations and societies Someone must sacrifice and work during the summer. It's what happened to me.

Did you develop any new hobbies? Our accomodation was in a really good condition. We get holidays during winter as well as autumn. We like drinking a good white wine or a big beer whit meals. Were you tempted to just take the money and turn in the wallet empty? In fact, there are many things in our everyday life that we fail to notice and that might be interesting for others to read about. Sorry, I don't master this software tool but I am going to learn it!

I haven't had vacation yet. Don't worry I'll write about when I 'll I know that it's out topic, but I don't want to miss this opportunity that gives me luck a chance to practice my English writing. First I'm very sorry for my bad English. In our town we learn French so you know.

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I stayed their 15 days. I advise you to visit Egypt, it's a famous country. I liked belly dance,the red sea, the monuments I invite you to visit the sahara of my country Algeriait's too nice and very big. Good bye friends, see you soon!


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