Write an essay about tourism in nepal


Nepal Tourism Year Nepal Tourism Year Nepal is a country of wonderful natural and cultural combinations. Its natural environment remain quite less altered by modernization while its inhabitants are growingly hospitable.

This diverse country has a huge potential for tourism chiefly for its challenging mountains and rivers, great variety of beautiful scenery, good varied climate, rich animal and plant life, interesting cultures and large unemployed workforce. Nepal is now one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

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It has been visited annually by a large number of tourists for more than a half century. Aspirants from round the globe choose this gifted country for various purposes that include mountain climbing, trekking, bird watching, mountain flight, rock climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, jungle safari and cultural observations, and environmental as well anthropological researches.

Because tourism has enormous advantages and is now one of the major economic activities of the world, Nepal has embarrassed the policy of increasing both the number of the visitors and their average length of stay. But the ongoing internal conflict thereafter caused a horrible decline in the tourist turnouts in the country. The main target of the plan was to receive link million tourists in the year.

Write an essay about tourism in nepal

In addition, the nation aimed at developing Nepal as a choice of premier holiday destination, improving and developing tourism related infrastructures, enhancing the capacity of service providers, building community capacity to host tourists and promoting the sustainability of domestic tourism. However, the scheme that came during the transitional period could not naturally be carried out as smoothly as expected.

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Overall progress thus was quite meager. Frequently reshuffled governments seemed almost indifferent.

Write an essay about tourism in nepal

Many of the set strategies could not actually be carried out. Publicity remained quite limited. General public could not be turned enthusiastic and hospitable.

Where tourism, development of industry and social services was second priority. Like agriculture, manufacturing sector is also not very good in Nepal it has provided only 10 percent employment and it has only 20 percent contribution on gross domestic product. Everest at 8,m, all within a distance of km with climatic conditions ranging from sub-troppical to arctic. Nepal total road network capacity is very low and only 43 percent of the population has acccess to all weather roads.

It was not surprising that the efforts made by business organizations were Insufficient. Nepal Tourism Year did have some important benefits and positive implications.

  • Tourism-related events were organized in various places.
  • The land locked country Nepal is bounded by the Tibet Region of the peoples Republic of China, on the east by Sikkim and West Bengal and on the South and west by the Indian States of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Although, tourist industry plays major and significant role in all round promotion of the country, it has some disadvantages too.

Several tourist areas were somehow conserved. Commitments for improvements were made by the government, public and private sector.

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Tourism-related events were organized in various places. Some communities made their good days through homestay, programmes. Above all, it gave a message to the visitors that Nepal is again becoming safe for visits.


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