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Westworld, first look review: At least that's the question being readily thrown around in the run up to HBO's newest big-budget series. The original Westworld was the first film by the novelist Michael Crichton, who would go on to create ER and write Jurassic Park. And his dystopia was one rich in potential for a longer screen adaptation.

The eponymous place is a theme park-cum-immersive theatre experience where rich people go to pretend they're cowboys. The park is filled with a huge cast of immaculately made robots, or "hosts", who stick to a series of recurring scripts that involve hundreds of intersecting storylines. Westworld extended trailer It's the brainchild of aging eccentric genius Dr Robert Ford, played with quiet malaise by Anthony Hopkinswho still takes an active role in the running of the park.

But his latest, seemingly clever, update causes the robots to draw on their previously hidden memories they get reused for different rolesand they become a tad unpredictable. More than the odd moment brings to mind The Truman Show — and not just because Ed Harris is in it — as a team of creative, but morally dubious, workers manipulate the artificial world from hi-tech headquarters.

But its content is a far cry from the "howdy neighbour" upbeat nature of the Jim Carrey film. Anthony Hopkins and Jeffrey Wright Credit: HBO Here the dark message and sinister undertones are held at the surface from the outset, as the robots callously shoot each other's faces off and slit open throats; all the while that frequent danger message of technology gone too far is dangled in plain sight. Harris's role is also a long way from the obsessive father figure of Truman's make-believe world.

Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld Credit: HBO Weirdly, no one in Westworld's command centre seems to notice his behaviour, despite exhaustive surveillance and normally immediate knowledge of any host going even slightly off-script. Thandie Newton in Westworld Credit: HBO Despite drawing on familiar themes of violence, western grit and AI meddling, these have rarely been assembled into one piece — even since the film. Like the on-screen robots, its pieces are meticulously put together, its capacity to unleash hell brimming beneath the surface.

Utah's tourist industry best be ready for the swell in numbers this series is likely to create, for its dry, epic spectacle of a backdrop has been rendered to almost as jaw dropping effect as seeing it in real life..

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All rights reserved This article has been cited by other articles in Evaluating websites for research papers please. Abstract Nurses are challenged to find and use reliable, credible information to support clinical decision-making and to meet expectations for evidence-based nursing practice. This project targeted practicing public health and school nurses, teaching them how to access and critically evaluate web-based information resources for frontline practice.

Health sciences librarians partnered with nursing faculty to develop two participatory workshops to teach skills in searching for and evaluating web-based consumer and professional practice resources. The first workshop reviewed reliable, credible consumer web-resources appropriate to use with clients, using published criteria to evaluate website credibility.

In the second workshop, nurses were taught how to retrieve and evaluate health-related research from professional databases to support evidence-based nursing practice. Evaluation data indicated nurses most valued knowing about the array of reliable, credible web-based health information resources, learning how to evaluate website credibility, and understanding how to find and apply professional research literature to their own practice. The Internet and sophisticated search engines and databases have significantly changed how nurses find this clinical information.

Although Internet users have a breadth of information resources readily available, the quality of these resources is unmonitored. Ripple, ; Schultz, Our goal was to address this disconnect by linking practicing nurses to reputable health information source and beginning to develop a culture of professional practice based on information literacy skills. In a project funded by the National Library of Medicine and approved by the University of Missouri Institutional Review Board, nursing faculty partnered with health sciences librarians to offer participatory workshops about information retrieval and critical evaluation skills to public health and school nurses across the state.

Specifically, these workshops focused on two substantive areas: However, the digital divide has evolved over the past 15 years beyond computer ownership to include the ability to access information via the Internet. To address technology issues associated with the digital divide, an international multidisciplinary panel assembled by Educational Testing Service examined relationships between concepts of information literacy and the technical side of information and communications management. The model created by this panel, The Framework for Information and Communication Technology ICT Literacy, is designed along a continuum of information management, from retrieving to managing and evaluating information and finally creating new information Figure 1.

This framework was used to guide the design and implementation of two workshops. Information and Communication Technology Literacy Framework. International ICT Literacy Panel. Although designed to evaluate college students, these six standards also speak to the goals of evidence-based practice expected from nurses in education and practice.

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This is a an excellent even-burning paper. These rolling papers are made from hemp, with a natural gum and come from Spain. There are more than five different booklet designs. Click on the "Image Gallery" for a photograph of each pack. View All Reviews Best Overall hemp rolling paper Bob Marly Hemp Rolling Papers Are The Best Papers I Ever Rolled In Second Is Raw Papers. They Burn Slow, Smooth, And Evenly. Once You Try These You Wont Go Back To Whatever You Youse To Use. Papers Over Everything Did you find this helpful.

You guys rock, keep it up!. Did you find this helpful. Aimee Siegel from Washigton DC. Easy to roll and a clean paper. Bob Marely papers are definitely one of my top favorite papers. Anthony from New York. Zackery from Beaufort North Carolina..

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By Mark Keenan October 24, Going through a divorce is an extremely difficult time that takes a great toll on everyone involved in fiill relationship. From children to finances and belongings, many arrangements need to be made before you can even contemplate filing your own divorce papers without using a solicitor. Not only is the divorce process daunting, it can also be a considerable expense when handled by solicitors. When can you file for divorce. You are able to file for divorce once you have been married for at least 1 year and have a valid reason for divorce, also known as a ground for divorce.

Once you have both of those, it is then entirely up to you when you wish to file for divorce. It is a myth that if you leave it a long time you can get an automatic divorce granted, sometimes it actually makes the process longer and more expensive. Steps to filing for divorce Find a valid ground divorcd divorce to use. One of you either needs to be resident in England and Wales or if you live abroad, you consider the UK to be your long term home.

There should be no hopes of salvaging the marriage. The next step is to file a D8 divorce petition with the court. It is possible to obtain forms at the courthouse or online, the GOV. UK website has all applicable forms that are involved in the divorce process. You are not required to have a solicitor and you have the right to represent yourselves as a couple and are able to file your own divorce. Take great care when completing your divorce forms as simple mistakes can be very costly.

Make sure there are no mistakes or errors as this could lead to unnecessary amendment fees that will add costs and time onto the resolution of your divorce. Fill out the correct divorce petition forms for your ground for divorce There are five petition forms that give grounds for divorce. You should complete the form that applies to the divorce ground you have chosen to file your divorce with.

The form is also called a D8 divorce form. This is the key divorce form when you file your divorce and has to be completed correctly. The easiest lapers to divorce is 2 years separation with consent. The easiest way to divorce in England and Wales is to have been separated for 2 years and that your spouse is in agreement and will sign the divorce papers to say they agree to the divorce. This ground does not require the judge to make a decision on the facts of the case.

If you have been separated but still use the same house, this will present difficulties, so please get help to fill out divorce papers on your individual arrangements. Applying for a Dicorce Nisi The decree nisi is the interim divorce certificate.

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A recent newcomer on the academic scene with incredibly clever research that I find compelling. Summary The top 5 lists above are by no means the end-all be-all of academic finance research…but they are pretty dang good. Good luck finding some academic alpha. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Alpha Architect, its affiliates or its employees.

Our full disclosures are available here. Definitions website to find research papers please common statistics used in our analysis are available here towards the bottom. Join thousands of other readers and subscribe to our blog. This site provides NO information on our value ETFs or our momentum ETFs. Please refer to this site.

After serving as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, Dr. Gray earned a PhD, and worked as a finance professor at Drexel University. Gray has published four books and a number of academic articles. Wes is a regular contributor to multiple industry outlets, to include the following: Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ETF. Gray earned an MBA and a PhD in finance from the University of Chicago and graduated magna cum laude with a BS from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania..

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