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Research Paper Topics on Cross-Cultural and Religious Perspectives on Domestic Violence It was essential to acknowledge that domestic violence crosses cultural boundaries and religious affiliations. There is no one particular society or religious group exempt from victimization.

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A variety of developed and developing countries were examined in understanding the prevalence of domestic violence within their societies as well as their coping strategies in handling these volatile issues. It is often misunderstood that one religious group is more tolerant of family violence than another.

  • You may take an even more focused approach and design a thesis statement that includes the issue of repeat brain injury or the healing process.
  • Doing so would represent a major step toward eliminating violence against women, its causes, its consequences, and its costs.
  • The role of the media in making everybody aware of the problem.

As Christianity, Islam, and Judaism represent the three major religions of the world, their ideologies were explored in relation to the acceptance and prevalence of domestic violence. Domestic Violence and the Law Africa: The Criminal Justice System and the Problem of Domestic Violence in West Africa Asian Americans and Domestic Violence: Cultural Dimensions Child Abuse: Comparing Venezuela and the United States Worldwide Sociolegal Precedents Supporting Domestic Violence from Ancient to Modern Times Part 4: Research Paper Topics on Understudied Areas within Domestic Violence Research Domestic violence has typically examined traditional relationships, such as husband—wife, boyfriend—girlfriend, and parent—child.

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Consequently, scholars have historically ignored non-traditional relationships. In fact, certain entries have limited cross-references based on the fact that there were limited, if any, scholarly publications on that topic. Only since the s have scholars admitted that violence exists among lesbians and gay males.

There are other ignored populations that are addressed within this encyclopedia including violence within military and police families, violence within pseudo-family environments, and violence against women and children with disabilities. The Need for Education in Servicing Victims of Trauma Part 5: Research Paper Topics on Domestic Violence and the Law The Violence against Women Act VAWA of helped pave domestic violence concerns into legislative matters.

Historically, family violence was handled through informal measures often resulting in mishandling of cases.

Ideas for thesis papers on domestic violence

Through VAWA, victims were given the opportunity to have their cases legally remedied. This legitimized the separation of specialized domestic and family violence courts from criminal courts. The law has recognized that victims of domestic violence deserve recognition and resolution.

Somestic abuse or violence is the most frequent problem that police officers in the United States investigate. Domestic Violence and the Law Africa: Writing a dissertation on domestic violence is one of the ways to explore the issue deeper, look for the origins of this behavior, and share your views on the problem. Murder and Domestic Violence research papers report the number of domestic violence cases that end in murder.

Law enforcement agencies may be held civilly accountable for their actions in domestic violence incidents. Mandatory arrest policies have been initiated helping reduce discretionary power of police officers.

Courts have also begun to focus on the offenders of domestic violence. Currently, there are batterer intervention programs and mediation programs available for offenders within certain jurisdictions. Its goals are to reduce the rate of recidivism among batterers. Battered Woman Syndrome as a Legal Defense in Cases of Spousal Homicide Batterer Intervention Programs Divorce, For thesis Custody, and Domestic Violence Domestic Violence Courts Expert Testimony in Domestic Violence Cases Judicial Perspectives on Domestic Violence Lautenberg Law Legal Issues for Battered Women Mandatory Arrest Policies Police Civil Liability in Domestic Violence Incidents Police Decision-Making Factors in Domestic Violence Cases Police Response to Domestic Violence Incidents Prosecution of Child Abuse and Neglect Protective and Restraining Orders Training Practices for Law Enforcement in Domestic Violence Cases Violence against Women Act Read more about Domestic Violence Law.

  • Many victims are reluctant to notify the authorities because of fear of retribution by their abuser or shame and embarrassment.
  • Compose a comparative essay about men and women who suffer from domestic violence.
  • If your paper focuses on injuries incurred during spousal or relationship abuse, ideas for a possible thesis can address a particular type of injury.

Research Paper Topics on Child Abuse and Elder Abuse Scholars began to address child abuse over the last third of the twentieth century. It is now recognized that child abuse falls within a wide spectrum. In the past, it was based on visible bruises and scars. Today, researchers have acknowledged that psychological abuse, where there are no visible injuries, is just as damaging as its counterpart.

Your topic should elicit interest and be significant in the eyes of common people. Domestic Violence Research Papers look at a sample of a paper order on a sociology topic with specific format requirements. The main difference is that men are mainly victims of physical violence, while women suffer much more often from rape and stalking. Abusers find numerous excuses to justify their actions, including religion, karma, failure to follow gender roles, and jealousy. Only since the s have scholars admitted that violence exists among lesbians and gay males.

One of the greatest controversies in child abuse literature is that of Munchausen by Proxy. Some scholars have recognized that it is a syndrome while others would deny a syndrome exists. Another form of violence that needs to ideas for thesis papers on domestic violence further examined is elder abuse.

Since most domestic violence follows cyclical patterns, the effects can be especially devastating to all involved parties in the long term. The Criminal Justice System and the Problem of Domestic Violence in West Africa Asian Americans and Domestic Violence: Explain this phenomenon and discuss some plausible solutions. Types of domestic violence. It also includes husbands being abused by their wives.

Elder abuse literature typically focused on abuse perpetrated by children and caregivers. With increased life expectancies, it is now understood that there is greater probability for violence among elderly intimate couples. Shelters and hospitals need to better understand this unique population in order to better serve its victims. Assessing the Risks of Elder Abuse Child Abuse and Juvenile Delinquency Child Abuse and Neglect in the United States: An Overview Child Maltreatment, Interviewing Suspected Victims of Child Neglect.


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