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He is refreshing, kind, direct, educated. The intent in this book is to encourage those who proclaim to follow Christ, to be impacted by His actual being Aug 29, Natasha Harrington rated it it was amazing I enjoyed this book and found it enlightening. It was an easy read and truly eye opening. The message of American Christianity presents Jesus as the purveyor of the American Dream. Like many other, I have begun to realize my own idolatry and cowardice in this regard p.

The real one is far bigger and more dangerous than we realize p. This has radical implications for the mission and function of the church p. We work in entertainment, political, legal, and academic fields because we know that to change culture is to change how people really live p.

He did not advocate armed revolution as did the Zealots. He simply sought to redeem culture wherever he found it p. An appreciation of the majesty, vastness, goodness, and providence of our holy God would serve us better than yet another book on the Rapture p. We like mysteries that resolve themselves neatly at the end. Mystery and patience are certainly not the American way p. Our cultures desires for good baseball, good movies, good restaurants, good neighborhoods all have very little to do with becoming comfortable with click here Savior and Author of the universe.

The church, being the people, has the job of redeeming our culture. There is something great, awesome, bigger and overwhelming about being a follower of God.

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Remember 70s band Boney M. Nov 23, German music producer Frank Farian produced Daddy Cool with four young performers — Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett, Maizie Williams and Bobby Farrell. Though the song was released in the month of May, it took four months for it to become a chart-topping disco hit. And for many Indians, this fod was their introduction to western music. As part of the tour, she will also perform in Pune on November But when the record was released as a single, it was credited to Boney M, a pseudonym Farian had created after watching an Australian detective show, Boney.

So, the group came to be known as Boney English papers for sale boney m album. For Mitchell, it was a call from Barrett that persuaded her to join. For their second album, Love for Sale which released in and featured hits like Ma Baker and Ma Bakerthe band members were shot semi-naked and chained like slaves, which appeared in some versions of the cover. This depiction was especially tough for Mitchell, who came from a traditional background.

The album cover for Love for Sale The big salf After a decade of producing hit numbers like Rivers of Babylon, Brown Girl in the Ring, and the disco anthem Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Boney M decided to split in In fact, Mitchell claims that the other bands perform to her voice on stage. But will the original band ever come together for a concert in the future. EDM is the new-age disco music, and pop music has been reduced please click for source nostalgia-evoking sounds. How does a band with a legacy that goes back over five decades react to the music of today.

Melodies and rhythm ruled as dancing climaxed. But the new sound of EDM is complementary to the life of young people engkish. Boney M will perform for the first time in Mumbai on November 21 Where: Dublin Square at Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla Tickets:.

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The ISH Grim Reaper Posts: I wanna smoke, but I have no rolling paper. Get a soda can, dent in one side. Hard plastic bottle like a gatorade bottle would work, too, but when you light the green you end up burning the plastic dropping your weed in the bottle, waste and possibly inhaling plastic fumes cannot be good for you This next one will take some more time to prepare, but is imo much much more enjoyable than the other two. If you've never tried it before, def do this tonight. Get a gatorade bottle, and burn the bottom of it with your lighter till you get a hole big enough to be able to fill up the gatorade bottle if dropped into water.

Take the cap of the bottle, and punch a hole in that here not too big though. Next, get one of those metal things that you can see in the picture below totally slipping my mind wtf that is called, a nut. This is where you will be putting the shtank. Close the bottle up and find yourself a container that the gatorade bottle could fit into bucket, bowl, big tall cup, be creative and fill it up with water.

Let the bottle fill up with water and once full, light the green as you slowly lift the bottle up, and keep it lit while you keep lifting the bottle. The bottle will fill with smoke make sure you don't pull the bottle completely out of the water. Once filled with smoke, open the cap and breathe in the smoke while pushing the bottle back in the water..

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Previous Next Meet the Medieval Queen that Will Rock Your World I took a deeeeeep dive into medieval history these past couple of weeks. This medieval queen, whose name I had never even heard of before, captivated me by her truly inspirational leadership. Mathilda of Flanders is a poignant example of a powerful female leader. One marked by grace and confident authority. Her legacy is one of a competent ruler, who acted with her own agency in political matters, used her influence and wealth for the welfare of others and was a remarkable wife and mother.

Her source was recognized by many, including Pope Gregory VII. In letters to Queen Mathilda, Gregory often applauded her governmental work and encouraged her to continue using her power and influence source good Gathagan, Have you heard of Mathilda of Flanders. It seems that unless you are a historian, or have access to academic papers written by historians, the information about this leading lady is sparse.

I did a quick Google search and checked Wikipedia to see what might be out there on the web. The sections go in this order: Marriage, Rumored Romances, Duchess of Normandy, Queen, Height, Family and Children, and Ancestry. Not to mention that historical accounts are unanimous that Mathilda and William were devoted to each other neither had affairs as long as they lived—which was nearly unheard of at the time Gathagan, So these rumored romances are pure distraction from her exceptional leadership.

If you read her Wikipedia page, be warned. The marriage portion highlights a folktale that Mathilda was beaten into marrying her husband, William. There is something magical about learning of historical women leaders who led with dignity and respect. She lived from However, historians find Mathilda a marvel too. She was able to acquire and retain authority in a manner that was learn more here at her time.

Even though Mathilda came from a lineage of educated and influential women, they did not have the power Mathilda did. Mathilda was often the first, or the only women present in many governmental and religious affairs. Rather, she recognized her status and ability, and chose to fully engage her position and authority.

Laura Gathagan, the historian who wrote her dissertation on Mathilda sums up her career this way: Mathilda was a change maker. She married William on her own accord i. Not only that, but the papal court would not recognize their marriage as valid because William was conceived during an affair, making him illegitimate. It took nearly ten years of advocating, led by Mathilda, before their marriage was formally recognized Gathagan, She had 10 kids, and was known to have been very involved, especially in their education.

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Previous Year Question Paper Jul 21, For Candidates applying for NABARD Grade A examhere are previous year paper of General English and Economic and Social Issues. Here we have give 10 questions for Agriculture and Rural Management. IBPS RRB Group A Officers Exam Question Paper: Here the banking team of jagran josh is providing previous year question paper of QA.

Examinations will be held in two phases. SBI PO Prelims Exam Previous Years Questions Papers May 14, State Bank of India has initiated recruitment process for Probationary Officers Posts. The recruitment will be conducted for Vacant Posts. The banking team of jagranjosh. Those candidates who are applying for the posts of Law Officer and Rajbhasha Adhikari would have to face a paper on General Awareness with special reference to banking industry.

Sample Question for IBPS-IT officer: Information Technology Jan 22, Institute of Banking Personnel Selection IBPS is going to conduct Online written examination for recruitment to the posts of Specialist Officers on 30th and 31st January Here the banking team of jagran josh are providing some sample questions of Information Technology IT that will be useful for the candidates preparing for written examination. Jagran josh is providing the year paper of the exam. Here Jagran josh is providing the year paper of the exam. SBI Clerk Exam Question Paper- Quantitative Aptitude Jan 22, Jagranjosh.

The exam was held in month of July and August Question Paper- Reasoning Ability Jan 22, Jagranjosh. Question Paper- Marketing and Computer Knowledge Jan 21, The banking team of jagranjosh. Question Paper-English Comprehension Jan 19, Jagranjosh. The exam bank exam question papers with answers conducted in month of July and August Question Paper-General awareness Jan 19, Jagranjosh. IBPS Specialist Officers Exam Question Paper-General Awareness Dec 18, Institute of Banking and Personnel Selection IBPS conducts Common Written Examination for recruitment to the post of Specialist Officers.

Question Paper-Reasoning Dec 18, Institute of Banking and Personnel Selection is indulged in organizing Common Written Examination for recruitment to the post of Specialist Officers.