Paper writing services legitimate work at home


I'd just like to point out that there's a big difference between "niceties" and "niceness": You're right that I don't usually bother with niceties like salutations and other elements of personalization in emails, and I admit to being sort of blunt when answering the same questions and having to allay the same fears from so many people all the time.

Paper writing services legitimate work at home

I'm like that off line too in that I ignore superficial social niceties like entertaining "polite" conversation about the weather, wishing people happy holidays, etc. But I'm pretty nice when it counts, like doing the right thing and helping people out.

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I went on ebay and bought her the same refurbished IBM laptop that I use and had it mailed to her, a total stranger at a cost of 3 times what I earned writing her paper. Just today, I did what I had to do to get a paper to a client 2 hours earlier than promised When she told me she'd forgotten to tell me she was in a European time zone and that she actually needed it earlierthan I'd promised it, I got it done for her early.

I admit to being too lazy to bother with many social niceties that people expect, but I think I'm pretty "nice" in ways that really paper writing services legitimate work at home. My price for projects of ordinary difficulty with plenty of time is pretty standard for good American writers, but yes, rush projects and those that are harder for me can get pretty expensive. I think that's fairly standard too.

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Finally, it's probably a good sign if a prospective writer is a little blunt because the professional scammers all have impeccable "customer service" skills, because their only job is to get your money into their hands. Those of us who actually have to write all the projects we get paid for are sometimes under too much pressure to answer every email in perfect customer-service style and tone. If he doesn't think he can do an outstanding job on your project, he won't take your project, and if he takes your project it will be outstanding. You know I have equal regard for your work.

Paper writing services legitimate work at home

I think some of my work is "outstanding" but I might be living on cat food if I only took orders that I could complete at an "outstanding" level. In my opinion, I write a lot more papers that are just "good" or "very good" but the important thing is that I always tell my clients what my level of confidence is with any project before they decide to pay me for it. About 3 years ago, I asked the new UPS guy what happened to my usual UPS guy and he told me the guy was laid up at home after getting hit by a car riding his bike to work one morning.

He'd mentioned where he lived so I dropped by his building to see how he was doing and found his apartment by asking some people in the lobby if they knew the UPS guy with his first name. He introduced me to his daughter who was starting high school at the time and the next time I saw him back on his route I told him what I do for a living and to make sure to let me see his daughter's college application essays when the time comes.

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Just last week, I got a package and it reminded me that it's about that time of year and about 3 years later In my opinion, that kind of thing is more important than superficial niceties like sending people holiday cards and typing out personalized emails, which I have no patience for whatsoever. I hate social rituals of all kinds but I'm no Scrooge when it counts.


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