Thank you message for my birthday dinner


Lunch is an awesome opportunity to stay in touch with others, make new friends, take a break with a co-worker, celebrate a birthday, and meet with business contacts.

Thanks for birthday wishes.....

Example thank-you notes for lunch are included at the end of this post. Does every lunch situation require a thank you note?

Thank you message for my birthday dinner

In the situations below where I recommend not writing a thank-you note, you absolutely can still send a thank-you note if you want to. These are the guidelines I follow. You should do what you feel is right for you and your situation.

If the host feels appreciated they are much more likely to do another dinner. What a wonderful gift to get on a lovely day! You made my birthday joyous in a very special way. Thank you for the invitation. If you received a hand-written invitation to a dinner party, you should handwrite the thank you note. And then I will share tips on how to make your note awesome!

The casual lunch with a friend: NO My friend Alice and I take turns buying each other lunch almost every week. We are not writing thank you notes to each other for this each week.

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That would be too many and they would lose their meaning since we are having lunch together weekly. For the casual lunch with a friend a thank you note is not needed when one person treats the other. However, if you feel inclined to do so, you can still send a thank you note!

A co-worker buys your lunch: NO, unless the coworker is the boss What a nice gesture! This could be unexpected or planned.

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Perhaps, the co-worker is taking you to lunch to thank you for something you helped them with. This type of lunch falls into the casual category and a thank you note is not needed unless you want to! Sometimes, my boss will take my entire team to lunch. The company is picking up the tab. He had to organize it and take time for lunch with the team. If your boss takes only to lunch then please read: And a few tips too! Lunch with a mentor: YES The first time you have lunch with a mentor, I recommend writing them a thank you note.

This will let the person know you sincerely appreciate the help and advice they are giving you. It will also help emphasize the importance of your relationship with them. They took time out of their day to meet with you!

Step 47 is to have lunch with a millionaire. While you are picking up the tab for the lunch, you should still thank the person for their time and advice with a follow-up note. Yes Birthdays are special. Following up with a thank-you note is a wonderful way to recognize the celebration of your birthday.

If you feel your relationship with whoever took you out is too casual for a handwritten thank-you note, then I recommend a thank-you email. Yes Did someone surprise you by taking you out for lunch? Did this treat make your day? Respond by sending the person a thank-you note. It may surprise them! Thank you for lunch thank-you note examples: Thank you for taking me to lunch at [restaurant name]. I am grateful for our friendship and had fun at lunch. It was a nice treat for me and it made my day.

I was very surprised that you took me to lunch! I appreciate the recognition and I liked getting to know you a bit better during lunch. Thank you for agreeing to have lunch with me. I am grateful for the advice you gave me around [mentoring topic]. I was also able to relate to your story about how you get started with [mentoring topic]. I learned a great deal about [mentoring topic] at lunch last week.

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I appreciate the time you took out of your day to meet with me. Thank you for the lunch treat!

You are the best! I had I really wonderful time. I was also able to relate to your story about how you get started with [mentoring topic]. Dad, thanks for the front row seats for the basketball championship. Thank you for hosting the dinner party last night. Everything was perfect and even the other guests; they were all great! Thank you so much for joining me to celebrate my 23rd birthday.

I had a nice time catching up with you as well. We should do this more often. I love our birthday lunch tradition!

Thank you message for my birthday dinner

Thank you for taking me to [restaurant name] for my birthday lunch this year. I had a wonderful time chatting. I was excited to learn that we both love [shared interest]. I will treat you to lunch next time and we can continue our discussion. Thanks for treating me to lunch.

That was a welcome surprise as you know my budget is tight lately and I love going out to eat. I had a nice time and look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you for the lunch. I enjoyed hearing about what has been going on in your life lately. We should catch up more often.

Thank you message for my birthday dinner

Thank you for the birthday lunch. I look forward to it each year. I was surprised that you took me to [restaurant name]! I loved every minute of it and the bacon wrapped scallops were great. What do you typically write thank-you notes for lunch?


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