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Dennis Miller as Himself Director Jason Reitman asked many of his prospective actors and actresses to be in the film by writing each of them a personal letter. Every one of his first choices accepted his or her part and most thanked Reitman for his letter. Reitman was also able to persuade Eckhart, Holmes, Macy, and Lowe to sign on to the film with minimum pay.

Initially, Gibson saw himself as starring as Nick Naylor in the adaptation. Reitman saw himself as a comic writer with a voice similar to Buckley's, and consciously attempted to maintain the satiric flavor of the book for his draft.

This movie portrays the believing of, not simply a right or wrong, but what is right in your mind. And the rest is just, 'Is there actually any nude footage out there? In the film Aaron Eckhart plays the role of Nick Naylor, a lobbyist for the Academy of Tobacco Studies. In what could have been a difficult role, Aaron Eckhart fits effortlessly into Naylor's "morally flexible" shoes. I thought that the way Nick Naylor manipulated debates was an interesting way to win arguments. It also wields considerable R-rated content.

According to Reitman, studios wanted Naylor to have a change of heart by the film's end and repent for his past. Sackswho had made his fortune as the former COO of the Internet payment company PayPalthat Reitman found a financier for his script.

A first-time producer, Sacks spent over a year trying to acquire the rights to the film from Icon. During the filming, Reitman made the conscious decision not to show any actual smoking of cigarettes. The only scenes that include smoking are older films the characters watch, such as when John Wayne lights up in Sands of Read more Jima.

Message of thank you for smoking

Before the film was screened at the Sundance Film Festival, internet rumors claimed that an extended nudity scene between Eckhart and Holmes had been cut down due to pressure from Holmes' husband, Tom Cruise. Reitman and executives denied that such a scene had ever existed but welcomed the publicity it garnered for the film.

Reitman later said that "Half the questions that I've been getting are thoughtful questions about the moral of lobbying and how does satire work. And the rest is just, 'Is there actually any nude footage out there? Thank You for Smoking was met with tremendous popular reception and afterward disputed claims emerged as to who had signed a distribution deal with Sacks. Fox Searchlight Pictures and Paramount Classics both issued see more press releases claiming that they had secured rights for the film's distribution.

Allegedly, Sacks called Paramount at 1: The site's general consensus is that "Delightfully unscrupulous characters and searing cynicism prick all sides of the anti-smoking issue with hilarity and intelligence. It has appeal to all sides of the political spectrum.

It made no difference to him whether it was unhealthy, or led to serious illnesses such as lung cancer. It's about freedom of choice. Overall, however, I really enjoyed the movie. The lead, played by Aaron Eckhart, causes an all-out battle between your hatred for what he fights for and your love of his charismatic way with words.

The film was later released in 1, theaters across the U. The highest it ever rated at the North American box office was 8 on the weekend of its wide release. Karina Longworth of Cinematical notes "Thank You for Smoking has a vague emotional arc, but narratively it plays out like a constellation of sitcom sketches, connected by the most tenuous threads of character evolution", [14] while Empire observes "the problem's not so much with the movie's aim, as with the number of targets it's aiming at. Manhola Dargis of The New York Times notes "although he [Reitman] steers his cast through its paces with facility, he tends to oversell jokes that were already plenty loud in the book.

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Steve Palopoli of Metro Silicon Valley writes that "no matter" how much the hype machine might hard-sell the idea that the movie 'skewers source sides of the issue', "any child old enough to recognize Joe Camel can tell that underneath the sarcastic joking, this is a bitterly anti-smoking film. Macy's senator character, who is fervently against the tobacco lobby". Many felt the film's relatively sappy ending negated the slicker, darker tone of the book.

Message of thank you for smoking

The Washington Post 's Desson Thomson thought that "as written and directed by Jason Reitman, 'Smoking' is filtered too heavily with moral redemption. I wanted them to think about ideas of personal responsibility and personal choice. I think cigarettes are a wonderful location for that discussion because cigarettes are something we know all the answers to", he posits.

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Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you, including people who continue to do it. Dargis of The New York Times unwittingly states, "Thank You for Smoking is rated R Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

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Some critics argue that Reitman's reluctance to show the characters smoking is further confirmation of the film's anti-smoking stance. Reitman has issued statements disagreeing with this view. He said in an interview that "While it's not anti-smoking, it's very important people don't think that this is a pro-smoking movie.

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It's about freedom of choice. When New York Message of thank you for smoking reporter Michael Jankowsky contacted an Altria publicist about the tobacco giant's reaction, she "hesitated to respond, insisting that the film looks dated and poorly reflects the industry with depictions of tobacco executives as highly paid sleazeballs.

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Awards[ edit ] Thank You for Smoking did not receive a wide variety of nominations from the major award circuits; however, it did garner two Golden Globe nominations in its year for Best Picture Musical or Comedy and Best Actor in the same film genre for Aaron Eckhart's portrayal of Nick Naylor. The Broadcast Film Association recognized Cameron Bright for his performance as Joey with a nomination for Best Young Actor, and also gave the film itself a nomination in the Comedy category.

Jason Reitman received the Best Directorial Debut award from the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures.


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