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Yet, what we do with our failures is also what defines us and today, after two weeks of rotations that simply were not working, I was reminded again of what kind of teacher I want to be. The kind that finds a new solution even when it seems like I could just stay on a path because it would be so much easier. That knows when to hold them, when to fold them, and yes, even when to walk away.

The teacher i want to be essay

I want to be the kind of teacher that keeps the students in mind at every moment and with every decision I make, even the ones where my own pride may suffer. The one that problem-solves rather than rants.

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The one that fixes rather than breaks. I want to be the kind of teacher that realizes when something is not working and has the common sense to stop it. The kind of teacher that dreams.

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The kind of teacher that listens. I want to be the kind of teacher that sees the learning in every problem. That sees what can be salvaged rather than throws everything out.

The teacher i want to be essay

The kind that can see the good in something or someone even in the bleakest of moments. Today, when I realized that my dream for epic discussions had failed, I wanted to throw it all out, but my students once again reminded me that there were good moments too, things that worked that deserved protection and resurrection in a new format. So instead of ranting.

Instead of raving about all of the hard work lost, how I now had to start over, I reflected, re-imagined the teacher i want to be essay am ready to go for tomorrow. I want to be the kind of teacher that never forgets their own vulnerability but sees it as a strength rather than a weakness.

I will strive to maintain a pace at which my students will comprehend the material being studied. Anyone will tell you that it's relationships. Preparing students to change the world is my main reason for teaching. A teacher has the direct opportunity to make a difference, to change the future. The first thing that I like to share about why I choose to be a teacher and what is influencing me. So what separates successful teachers from less successful ones?

That remembers that not everything is bad, not everything is broken even if it seems so at the moment. Proud techy geek, and mass consumer of incredible books. Join our Passionate Learners community on Facebook and follow me on Twitter PernilleRipp.


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