I want to be scientist essay


My Aim in Life Become A Doctor, Engineer, Teacher Some want to become a doctor, some want to become an engineer and some wish to be a doctor, some wish to be military officers, some want to become a professor, bout my aim in life is to become a scientist.

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From my young age I was too much interested in science. This too much attention in science compelled me to decide that I will make it my career and become a scientist.

Like Newton and Dr. Abdul Qadeer khan and other scientists I also want to achieve my goal and become great scientist.

I want to be scientist essay

I want to invent many things for the sake of our country and I want to be famous in the whole world. If I would become a scientist then, some of my inventions will be time machines, big small light etc my aim in life is to become a scientist and I have planned to get quality education leading me to get educational degree like essah degree up to PhD.

I want to be scientist essay

Becoming a successful scientist involves a lot of hard work and dedication. As a scientist, I would be able to invent new things for mankind.

When I grow up, I want to be a scientist as I want my inventions to help other people. Now business and industry are by and large governed by science. The pursuit of knowledge carried on by the scientist for the past several centuries has produced results which have produced different reactions in different sections of society. It is because there are numerous fields for being a scientist like aeronautics scientist, biological scientist, bacteriological scientist, forestry scientist and medical scientist. Thus there is every chance of science being abused and exploited for sheer personal and selfish purpose. Like Newton and Dr. Related Posts of I want To Become Scientist Essay In English.

My Pakistan is facing lots of problems regarding generation of electricity which is not sesay to fulfill br demands of people living in Pakistan. I want to generate electricity from a cheaper source by utilizing our natural resources. Plus I want to make medical equipments that are so much expensive and are only available to big hospitals. I will make the medical equipments and machines so that they can be available in every hospital.

Top Because scientists get the best jobs Inthe Wall Street Journal published results of a new study ranking the best and worst jobs in the USA, according to five criteria inherent to every job: Patent agent - Represent patent applicants and help them get their innovations patented. Science is like a giant puzzle with many pieces. We would Skype with each other and exchange notes. How does your job help you serve others?

In esay way we would not have to import the expensive machinery from other countries and that money would be spend in health sector. We would be able to lead a more comfortable life.

Why do you want to be a scientist?

When the pain is too much to bear, I try to keep my mind on something else and not think of it. There are a lot of problems in the world that are just half solved or not solved. Whenever I see an advancement in Science I am astonished and I myself want to be the reason for a great change. Top Because science is beautiful "The scientist read more not study nature because it is useful; he studies it because he delights in it, and he delights in it because it is beautiful. In the last I just want to appreciate the initiatives that are taking up by our ministry of education for the betterment of scientist. We are also building new research centers and universities are arranging special laboratory for practical works. On the other hand there are many good people who look upon science as the chief cause of the sufferings of humanity today. Life without an ambition would become meaningless.

My parents think highly of my ambition and are very supportive. They always buy me books on science and also take me to the science exhibitions.

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I do have convictions that I can make the change and this conviction is the one of powers leading and go here me to achieve my goal. I have a dream to become a successful scientist but this will not remain a dream, it will soon be made real. You Find this Article By:



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