Essay why i want to study abroad


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Why Do You Want to Study Abroad? Amy Murnan APPLYING to study abroad is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to answering that all-important essay question: Jot down ideas — and be honest Write down every genuine reason you can think of as to why you are studying abroad — no matter how silly or generic they sound.

Essay why i want to study abroad

Is it because you want to travel and have fun, to work in a city connected with your industry, or simply because you want to escape? Maybe you want to re-discover a culture or family roots, or study with a world-renowned academic.

The reasons can be professional or personal, big or small. Root out the most important Have you ever read something that seemed to be trying to make too many points, or discuss too many topics, at once?

Essay why i want to study abroad

If no one reason jumps out at you, try looking at your notes and see if any of them have similar themes: Admissions officers already know students like to travel, experience new things and further their careers; they hear this all the time. What they really want to know is what makes this relevant to them.

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Answering this question well will help aant stand stuey from the rest, which is important for popular courses. For example, many fashion students would love to study in Paris, for obvious reasons. Where you come from can be just as important as where you're going when making these links.

Again, this demonstrates a specific connection between her ambitions, the course she chose, and the location. Show off Admissions teams like details — they also like evidence. If you have some of these, great!

Make a list of any relevant accomplishments so you can weave them in no pun intended for added impact. This could include competitions, academic scores, grades, participation in events or exhibitions, work experience, volunteering, special training or even personal milestones.

The study abroad application will look almost like a regular college application. Show off Admissions teams like details — they also like evidence. Study abroad is important, as it is the first step to opening your eyes to the many possibilities in the world—and within yourself. Be honest and sincere. I explained that golf is a huge aspect of Scottish culture; it holds a different place over there than it does in the States, and it would greatly help me integrate into the local culture. So, why do YOU want to study abroad? Sign up for extracurricular activities and get out as much as possible.

Put it into paragraphs Writing your answer in clear, coherent and not-too-long paragraphs is very important. Nobody likes reading dense walls of text, or long-winded essays that take too long to get to the point.

For most students, this time may be the only opportunity they ever get to travel abroad for a long period of time. What has brought you to this point? Introduction — Create a strong thesis sentence that sums up your overall purpose for studying abroad. You might find that studying abroad really brings out your independent nature.

Start your essay strongly with a compelling sentence introduction that goes straight for the topic in hand: By then, you may have a better idea of what you want to say. Draft, re-draft, and proofread! Hopefully you abroax by now that it is usually a bad idea to submit a first draft of anything; this definitely applies to your study abroad application.

  • They usually experience a different and new education system.
  • They learn how to take decisions without family support.
  • There you have it.

Unless you are a literary prodigy, you will most likely need to dant your essay at least once. Get as many people to read it as you dhy — parents, teachers, friends you trust — and heed their advice. In the age of spellcheck, there really is no excuse.


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