Essay writing techniques examples of personification


Everyone knows what a person is, but do you know what personification is?

Essay writing techniques examples of personification

Personification is a type of metaphor and a common literary tool. It is when you assign the qualities of a person to something that isn't human or something that isn't even alive, like nature or emotions. There are many reasons for using personification. It can be used as a method of describing something so that others can more easily understand it. It can be used to emphasize a point. It can be used to help paint a picture in your mind.

You may in fact use personification without even knowing it. There read more often confusion between personification and anthropomorphism.

You can be absolutely confident that you will get papers of the same quality as our sample literary analysis essay. Time creeps up on you. Can you give us a room with a view? The pistol glared at me from its holster.

While personification means giving an object or animal human characteristics to create interesting imagery, as in nursery rhymes like "Hey Diddle Diddle," anthropomorphism means making an object or animal act and look like they are human, as in Peter Rabbit. Personification Examples in Literature Personification is often found in literature and poetry. Can you give us a room with a view?

In this poem, the sunflowers are talking to the poet William Blake. They are tired of being outside and tell him that they want to be moved.

We know that sunflowers cannot be tired or talk so Willard uses personification to give them these attributes. Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a write an essay country Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance. This poem brings the beauty and tranquility of nature to life.

The daffodils are personified as a crowd of people dancing, while Wordsworth floats like a cloud enjoying the show. Personification can also be found in literature. William Shakespeare uses it throughout Romeo and Juliet. One example is in Act 2 when Friar Lawrence is picking flowers for his various potions. See if you can identify which part of the word or phrase is the personification.

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The answers are below: The stars danced playfully in the moonlit sky. While making my way to my car, it appeared to smile at me mischievously.

The run-down house appeared depressed. The car, painted lime green, raced by screaming for attention. The first rays of morning tiptoed through the meadow. The butterflies in the meadow seemed to two-step with one another. She did not realize that opportunity was knocking at her door. The waffle jumped up out of the toaster. He did not realize that his last chance was walking out the door. The popcorn leapt out of the bowl. The bees played hide and seek with the flowers as they buzzed from one to another.

When the DVD went on sale, it flew off the shelves. The wind howled its mighty objection. I tripped because the curb jumped out in front of me. The snow swaddled the earth like a mother would her infant child.

Personification Examples in Literature Personification is often found in literature and poetry. In other words, using our language, we make an object or wruting do something that usually is only done by people. Should you compare a fire hydrant to a short, red-faced man? Personification is a technique used by many writers to enrich their language and create more interesting and compelling descriptions. Metaphors are different in that, rather than a simple comparison, a metaphor states that the two subjects are the same or equal. Pay only for approved parts Sample Literary Analysis Essay:

Time creeps up on you. The river swallowed the earth as the water continued to rise higher and higher. The news took me by surprise. Time flew and before we knew it, it was time for me to go home. The fire ran wild. The ocean waves lashed out at the boat and essay writing techniques examples of personification storm continued to brew. The thunder clapped angrily in the distance. My computer throws a fit every time I try to use it. The tornado ran through town without a care. The thunder grumbled like an old man.

The door protested as it opened slowly. The flowers waltzed in the gentle breeze. The evil tree was lurking in the shadows. Her life passed her by. The tree branch moaned as I swung from it. The sun glared down at me from the sky. Time marches to the beat of its own drum. The moon winked at me through the clouds above. The storm attacked the town with great rage. The wind sang through the meadow. My life came screeching to a halt. The car was suffering and was in need of some TLC.

The baseball screamed all the way into the outfield. The blizzard swallowed the town. The window panes were talking as the wind blew through them.

The tsunami raced towards the coastline. The ocean danced in the moonlight. The avalanche devoured everything in its path. The words appeared to leap off of the paper as she read the story. The pistol glared at me from its holster. The phone awakened with a mighty ring.

The car beckoned me from across the showroom. The funeral raced by me in a blur. I could hear Hawaii calling my name. Did you identify the personification in the examples above? The human trait assigned to the subject is in bold here. The subject being personified is underlined. While making my way to my car, it smiled at me mischievously.

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The words leapt off of the paper as she read the story. Purpose of Personification As seen by the examples above, personification is used to assign human qualities to things that are not human, but it does not make them behave like a human. The purpose of this figurative language is to bring inanimate things to life to better explain them. Writers often use personification to make their writing more vivid and to have the reader understand the essay writing techniques examples of personification or animal in a better way.



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