Essay writing techniques examples of onomatopoeia


Blogging is supposed to be conversational. I think that certain creative writing techniques, when done well, can transform your blog and help it stand out. Here are 5 for you to consider using in your blog. Alliteration Alliteration is where you start a bunch of words with the same letter: This morning I meandered outside, mellowing out as the melon-colored sun melted out of the water.

Alliteration not only sounds cool, it also pushes you to use unusual words.

Time just keeps on ticking. Dissatisfied with her work, Beth crinkled up the paper and threw it in the trash. You only need 3 select words starting with the same letter to be alliterating. Metaphors Metaphors are when you say one thing is another.

How can you use it in your blog? Try an alliterated headline: The Best Bunch of Bagel Bloggers in Brooklyn Or throw it into a post randomly. You only need 3 select words starting with the same letter to be alliterating. Use it in your categories. Want more examples of alliteration?

Essay writing techniques examples of onomatopoeia

Check out this site. Metaphors Metaphors are when you say one thing is another. My dog is a delicious dollop of joy in my day. Did you see how I alliterated in that metaphor?

Essay writing techniques examples of onomatopoeia

Metaphors can be used in so many different ways. Your entire blog theme can be based on a metaphor. In her site A Place to NestDesiree compares a website to a home. But when she does a site redesign, everything is in its place. You can use a metaphor to teach your readers. For example, if you are teaching your readers how to use Pinterest, you can say the pin-boards are buckets and you fill them with products and images that interest you.

Metaphors can bring freshness to common ideas.

  • For example, 'whoosh' or 'bang'.
  • This accounts for the ban on auto-reduplication of echo-words themselves.
  • An echo word is a word or phrase such as shilly shally and click and clack that contains two identical or very similar parts:

Awhile back, I wrote a post about parking karmabut down where to get brown shipping paper Proofreading was really about how to approach life in general. Imagery Imagery is basically using sensual images in your writing. This just means your readers should be able to taste, smell, hear, touch, and see what you are writing about. Travel blogs are also great places to throw in lots of sensory details. But what if you write a blog about ideas, like this one? How can you include sensual details?

One way to integrate imagery into your blog is to throw in snippets of stories every once in awhile.

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Like in my post about seeing my grandma after I shaved my head. Another here is to help your readers imagine themselves in a situation. Lets say you write motivational posts. For example, if you are writing about living with gratitude every day, you could write, Take a moment to feel gratitude when you wake up in the morning. You could transform it by taking your readers into the moment: As you press your bare feet to the carpet, be grateful for your warm, safe home.

As you brew your coffee and smell the rich, strong scent of the beans, be grateful that you can start your day with your favorite beverage. See how that worked? Click To Tweet 4.

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Repetition Repetition can come in many forms. You can repeat certain phrases again and again to achieve a poetic effect, and you can also repeat certain ideas again and again so that they become associated with you and your blog.

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In individual posts, use repetition to create a rhythm, to develop an idea, and to bring more cohesiveness to your writing. This not only strings the ideas together, it also creates a great subtext to everything else in the post.

When you say an onomatopoeic word, the utterance itself is reminiscent of the sound to which the word refers. Examples give you the chance to see and sound out actual words. That was a close shave. If you see anyone coming, honk your horn. The circus was a magnet for the children.

Notice that the post was shared 10k times on Facebook? Repetition is also a brilliant way to develop your voice. When you repeat certain words or phrases frequently, people start to associate them with you. And they are part of what he is known for. Onomatopoeia Quick, say that 10 times fast. When appropriate, try throwing a bam or a boom into your writing. This goes back to the sensory details part.

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You can emphasize ideas with onomatopoeia. Want a list of onomatopoeia words? Alliteration is starting a bunch of words with the same letter.

  • The prisoner was terrified to hear the crack of the whip.
  • Beating down upon my back, the sun was relentless as I wiped the drips of salty sweat from my neckline.
  • The cow aggressively mooed at the passing freight train.

Metaphor is comparing one thing to another. Essay writing techniques examples of onomatopoeia is using sensual details that help readers see, hear, taste, smell, and feel. Repetition is repeating words, phrases, or concepts throughout your writing. Onomatopoeia is using words that sound like what they mean, such as zoom and zip.

Try one of them out in your blog.


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