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The reason why I want to see these landmarks is because the intricacy and detail of them is not something that I see all the time living in a very commercialized and urban city. Many of these buildings and monuments were built so long ago, yet with all the world's advancements in technology, they are still regarded as beautiful and amazing The Louvre Museum Arc de Triomphe Notre Dame The reason why I've decided to take such a short tour of so many different places is because, if I'm being honest, although I can appreciate the architectural beauty and history of these special places, my idea of a dream vacation is NOT spending hours looking at art in a museum.

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I'd rather a tour guide briefly explain to me the historical aspects of a certain structure or place. If I was intrigued by something, then I would want to revisit it later on my own time. I am much more of a history person than an art person, which is why I chose this particular tour in which the main focus is on the history of various Parisian landmarks. This could be a good opportunity to meet new people--both travelers and locals.

It's always great to meet new people and find common interests and similarities in people that come from very different backgrounds. I love meeting new people in general, so that is definitely a big reason as to why I'd want to go to a pub like this. Day 3 Today will be a leisurely day where we will do things on our own schedule.

When we were in the centre of Paris, I saw another Hotel de Ville. Posts Atom Who I will be going with my boyfriend Josh. We left the books and went away in the soft tropical night. The Eiffel Tower is named after Gustave Eiffel, the main contractor and architect. You walk along the mystery and western paperback sections, and then you see a wicker basket overflowing with Life magazines.

Not a typical commercialized bookstore, it has a worn and nostalgic appeal to it as there is a vast variety of new and used English-language books as well as an old library on the 1st floor. A bookstore like this is my 'heaven', and I will be sure to pick up some used books as I am a huge collector of old "antique" books. Some used books in Shakespeare and Co.

One of the things that I must experience is the Paris fashion scene. Galeries Lafayette provides many high fashion names all in one place as it is an enormous Department Store. The sheer design and size of this place is so incredibly appealing to me.

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Budget for day of shopping: It is has an exotic array of Thai cuisine and very positive customer reviews. Some of the extravagant dishes include squid salad, frog legs, and steamed fish served in a banana leaf. Thai food is my favourite type of international cuisine and I am willing to try anything at this restaurant Price Range: And so concludes a wonderful 3rd day in Paris Josh and I are both wine lovers, so today we will be going on a day trip to Champagne about km outside of Paris.

We will be picked up at our hotel with a few other tourists and bilingual guides.

We'll drive through beautiful vineyards, and our first stop will be a small boutique winery where we'll taste different wines and champagnes they make. Then we'll go to Hautvilliers to visit the Abbey where Dom Perignon first created Champagne.

At the end of the visit click at this page make a stop at the Gobillard cellar to taste different wines. Then we will be going to Epernay where we'll have a traditional French lunch. After lunch we'll visit a well known Champagne house where we'll be taken through underground chalk cellars and learn how Champagne is made.

After a long, educational, and delicious day of wine and champagne tasting, we'll be dropped off at our hotel where we will just relax for the rest of the night. We will be learning the history of wine and champagne-making, as well as the history of wine in Champagne and what makes a "good" wine. I can enjoy a cheap or expensive glass of wine, but I would really like to expand my knowledge in wine quality.

I've always wanted to do something like this and I think it will be an enriching, educational, and tasty experience. This tour only operates on Wednesdays and Sundays. Day 4 will fall on a Wednesday. We'll eat breakfast at the hotel as per usual. Then we will take a taxi to the Louvre and the surrounding area and do some unstructured sightseeing. I am a big chocolate-lover so we will be going on a ' Chocolate Walk '. The Check this out Chocolate Tour begins at 2: We will be learning about the history of chocolate and how Paris became the capitol of Dark Chocolate.

We will be visiting various master 'chocolatiers' and get the opportunity to taste many delicious chocolates.

  • Paris one of the most beautiful cities in the world you can visit.
  • Parisians celebrate many holidays.
  • We did not manage to get inside the Louvre, or visit the Arcades, or catch a performance at the Moulin Rouge or visit the cinema museum or take tours of the Paris sewers or the catacombs, all attractions which more or less insure that we will be coming back for more.

We will also be taught how to choose quality chocolates. Approximately 2 hours Price: Montmarte is a hill that is metres high and located in the North of Paris. The surrounding area of the hill is a tourist location where there are a huge variety of shops, nightclubs, and many tourist attractions. The Moulin Rouge is a cabaret that was built in and is best known as the birthplace of the modern form of the can-can dance. The Moulin Rouge originally introduced the can-can dance as a seductive dance performed for men by beautiful courtesan women.

Today the Moulin Rouge is a tourist destination offering musical dance entertainment, dinner, and drinks. Although it is pricey to attend a show, I definitely could never pass up the opportunity to go as the venue and show provide you with an authentic feel, and a classy and romantic atmosphere. We will be attending a "Feerie" Moulin Rouge show which includes a troupe of 80 artists and extravagant costumes. This is definitely one of the nights in Paris that I am most looking forward to. Moulin Rouge Exterior One of the romantic tables that we'll be eating our delicious meal at Day 6 Today will be a day of relaxing followed by an enchanting and romantic evening.

We'll spend most of the day at the hotel-- we will be eating breakfast in the Winter Garden and read some of the books we picked up at Shakespeare and Company. We'll swim in the hotel pool and then order room service for lunch. Being picked up and dropped off at our hotel We will be chauffeured to a boat for our one hour cruise where we will get to sightsee Paris from the Seine river. We will then be escorted to the foot of the Eiffel Tower where we will take the elevator and bypass the line to the restaurant "Le 58 Tour Eiffel" situated on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower where a table will be reserved for us.

Here we will enjoy a delicious 3 course meal. A cruise and dinner atop the Eiffel Tower will be intimate and romantic, especially considering that there will be many other couples around us. This is exactly the kind of 'Night in Paris' that I've always wanted. To start the day off we will be taking a French food cooking class.

We will be signed up for the Morning Market Class which involves: So learning how to make international food in another country is definitely something that I really want to do. This will be a very educational experience and something that we can take back home with essay about a holiday in paris.

The cooking classroom A cheese market we'll get to visit After the cooking class we will head back to the hotel for some downtime. We will specifically be going to the Frog and Princess pub which is the largest of the Frog Pubs. The staff are all English-speaking and the Frog Pubs often attract English-speaking tourists. The menu consists of a variety of beers and alcohol, as well as typical North American bar food like nachos, burgers, and fries. The beer is brewed right in the pub and includes: English bitters, Cold lagers, Wheat beer, Ginger beer, Spicy beer, and Fruit Beer.

The Bar in Frog and Princess As great as it will be to experience the French culture, it will be comforting to go somewhere where the first language is English and the atmosphere and food is a little more familiar. It will also provide a great opportunity to meet other travelers.

Some of the beer brewed at the Frog pubs Some of the bar food they serve Day 8 Today will be our last full day in Paris. For a beautiful city like Paris, a week or so is a perfect amount of time for me to experience read more I want to. Today will put all of our newly acquired French knowledge into play. We will be visiting a very well known Paris Market called Rue Cler. Our day will start off fairly early as, considering that Day 8 will fall on a Sunday, the market tends to get very busy after Rather than having breakfast at the hotel, we'll be enjoying a delicious breakfast on Rue Cler.

I am very excited to say that we will be indulging on Crepes--which is like a very thin pancake with your choice of whipped cream, various fruits, and chocolate. After breakfast we will start exploring the rest of Rue Cler. Rue Cler is best known as a very high spirited and lively neighbourhood offering a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, meats, cheese, baguettes, chocolate, and baked goods. This is when we'll put everything we've learned to good use. The market cooking class taught us how to best select fresh produce and food in a market, the Chocolate Walk taught us how to select quality chocolate, and the day trip to Champagne taught us what makes a good wine.

So what I'd really like to do is select a bunch of food that we can eat on a picnic later at one of the gardens or parks in Paris. Some of the shops that I will want to visit include: Since chicken is my favourite food, I'll definitely be wanting to get some for the picnic. Although we won't be able to drink the wine outside on our picnic since it's illegalI'll definitely want to pick some up for later that evening. I can just imagine the amazing smell that emanates from this bake shop. One of the many fresh produce vendors on Rue Cler Bacchus Wine Shop Fromagerie Dorius Rotisserie Of course these are just some of the shops we'll be stopping at along Rue Cler.

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This will be a great cultural experience and I am really looking forward to it. Jardin du Luxembourg is the garden of the French Senate and is housed in the Luxembourg Palace. This is a very popular park because there is the beautiful view of the palace as well as the lovely garden where people tend to relax. This is where we'll be having our French picnic as well as read the books we picked up earlier that week.

The Luxembourg Palace The Jardin du Luxembourg potential spot for picnic The rest of the day will be a very relaxing one as we'll want to take in as much of beautiful Paris before we leave. For dinner we'll just look for a random cafe or restaurant in the vicinity. At night we'll take a nice romantic stroll by the Eiffel Tower and then we'll call it a night whenever we're ready. Day 9 Today we will be leaving Paris. Our plane tickets will have already been purchased, so we'll just need to pack and take a taxi to the airport. Of course I won't want my Dream Vacation to end, but I can come out of it with more knowledge and perspective on French culture.

I will have experienced everything that I wanted to from a trip to Paris-- French fashion, food, wine, art, history, and romance. I've always wanted to experience a trip like this with someone I love, so my Dream Vacation coming to life will be an amazing and beautiful experience and I know that I will be leaving Paris with many memories and stories.

Paris, Je T'aime Subscribe to: Posts Atom Who I will be going with my boyfriend Josh. A trip to Paris is something that we both have wanted to experience with someone special, so we're now ready to make it happen. A city like Paris attracts a wide range of tourists--families, students, backpackers, and of course couples.

Essay about a holiday in paris

With such a variety of beautiful landmarks and tourist attractions, any trip to Paris would be amazing. But, being that it is the 'City of Love and Romance', I am definitely excited to share it with Josh. When We will be traveling to Paris in June of for two weeks. This allows me enough time to save up enough money for travel expenses. The reason why I'm choosing to travel to Paris in the month of June is because there are comfortable average temperatures of 17 degrees Celsius.

The Moulin Rouge is a cabaret that was built in and is best known as the birthplace of the modern form of the can-can dance. And Notre Dame manages to proclaim the Christ story from the sculpted doorways outside to the stain glass windows inside. The word piquer with this meaning is informal, but again quite common. Holidxy then walked back to find our car.

Going at a time of year like this will prevent us from feeling uncomfortably hot or painfully cold. June is also an ideal time to take off time from work for a vacation. Currency The currency used in Paris is the Euro: The Read article Budget approximate for the entire trip The Breakdown.


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