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An okhotnik, or hunter-scout, of the Russian Imperial Grenadier Guard, from a postcard printed circa Frank Globe Correspondent February 02, When the Sochi Olympics open this week, the attention of most American viewers will gravitate toward the familiar marquee events—Alpine skiing, figure skating, luge, and hockey. But for the Russians hosting the Games, interest will focus on another sport: In Sochi, this combination of cross-country skiing and shooting will account for 33 medals awarded across 11 events. While biathlon is largely ignored in the United States, it is currently the most popular winter spectator sport in Europe; in Russia, its following challenges that for hockey.

International competition garners intense media coverage, along with huge sponsorships and race prizes. It evokes a multitude of cultural, social, and historical trends spanning more than a millennium. During the Soviet era, biathlon became a metaphor for expressing national values of speed, self-sufficiency, and military readiness, built on decades of rigorous inculcation by the state.

So, while Americans are viewing biathlon as a quizzical sideshow, Russians will be watching their very national pride hang in the balance. Along with the first five-year plan for industrial development in the s, Joseph Stalin introduced the Ready for Labor and Defense Program, a physical fitness protocol for workers and students. Two of the mandatory disciplines, for both men and women, were cross-country skiing and rifle marksmanship. Thus, every citizen in the USSR was exposed to the fundamental principles of biathlon, decades before the sport was introduced.

During World War II, skiing gained even greater prominence, as the USSR transformed lessons learned at the hands of Finnish ski troops during the Winter War do my essay ukrainian women biathlon into a potent means of thwarting the German invasion of But the war with Germany was costly. Get This Week in Opinion in your inbox: Globe Opinion's must-reads, delivered to you every Sunday.

Sign Up Thank you for signing up. Sign up for more newsletters here Meanwhile, an event similar to biathlon had been part of the Winter Olympics from the beginning. Military patrol, a team competition restricted to army personnel, was a demonstration sport from the first Winter Games in through ; it was dropped after World War II because of antimilitary sentiment.

In the mids, the USSR and Scandinavian countries lobbied for a new ski-shooting contest. Their campaign led to the introduction of biathlon as we know it today at the Squaw Valley Olympics. Soviet athletes immediately dominated international competition. From tothe top five most successful biathletes check this out from the USSR; and out of the top 25, half were Soviet.

Most impressive is that in six consecutive Olympics—from through —the Soviet Union never relinquished the gold medal in the biathlon relay. Soviet success in biathlon came about not only thanks to an enormous pool of citizens well trained in both skiing and shooting, but also because the government actively promoted the sport as a response to the devastation experienced during World War II. In the immediate postwar years, the government sought to keep the war memories alive by staging sports festivals and naming them after distinguished athletes who died in combat.

And no competition contrasted the proletarian aspects of cross-country skiing with the bourgeois Alpine disciplines better than biathlon—with its additional shooting component, it was more masculine and militaristic than any other ski event.

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Opt out or contact us anytime Computer specialists said the ransomware was very similar to a virus that emerged last year called Petya. Reports that the computer virus was a variant of Petya suggest the attackers will be hard to trace. If the victim pays, the authors of the Petya ransomware, who call themselves Janus Cybercrime Solutions, get a cut of the payment. Photo A screenshot of what appeared to be the ransomware affecting systems worldwide on Tuesday.

The Ukrainian government posted the shot to its official Facebook page. In just the last seven days, Mr. Suiche noted, WannaCry had tried to hit an additional 80, organizations but was prevented from executing attack code because of the kill switch. Petya does not have a kill switch. Petya also encrypts and locks entire hard drives, whereas the earlier ransomware attacks locked only individual files, said Chris Hinkley, a researcher at the security firm Armor.

By Tuesday afternoon, online records showed that 30 victims had paid the ransom, although it was not clear whether they had regained access to their files. In Ukraine, people turned up at post offices, A. That allowed them to unleash their ransomware when the software, which is also used in other countries, was updated. Advertisement Continue reading the main story The ransomware spread for five days across Ukraine, and around the world, before activating Tuesday evening.

One Kiev resident, Tetiana Vasylieva, was forced to borrow money from a relative after failing to withdraw money at four automated teller machines. Officials for the metro system in Kiev said card payments could not be accepted. The national power grid please click for source Kievenergo had to switch off all of its computers, but the situation was under control, according to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency. Metro Group, a German company that runs wholesale food stores, said its operations in Ukraine had been affected. At the Chernobyl plant, the computers affected by the attack collected data on radiation levels and were not connected to industrial systems at the site, where, although all reactors have been decommissioned, huge volumes of radioactive waste remain.

Operators said radiation monitoring was being done manually. Cybersecurity researchers questioned whether collecting ransom was the true objective of the attack. June 27, An earlier version of this article referred incorrectly to the occupation of Justin Harvey. He is the managing director of global incident response at Accenture Security, not the chief security officer for the Fidelis cybersecurity company.

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Riffs for Ukulele One of my favourite things to do on a ukulele is blast out a riff that everyone knows but no one has ever heard on the ukulele. And, to be frank, are sometimes wholly unsuited to it. Mumford and Sons, Nick Drake, Jose Gonzalez, Tracey Chapman, Black Crowes. The Meters — Cissy Strut and Funky Miracle, Stevie Wonder — Superstition, Funkadelic — Hit It and Quit It, Rick James — Super Freak. Soundgarden Spoonman, Nirvana — Heart Shaped Box, Pearl Jam — Alive, Temple of the Dog — Hunger Strike, Alice in Chains — Them Bones.

Hip Hop Part 2: Kanye West, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Killer Mike, Jay-Z, Eminem Hip Hop Part 3: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, MC Hammer, Nas, Warren G, Das Racist. White Stripes — Hardest Button to Button and Icky Thump, Raconteurs — Salute Your Solution, Dead Weather — Treat Me Like Your Mother, Tom Jones — Evil. Stone Roses — Waterfall, Happy Mondays — Loose Fit, Joy Division — Love Will Tear Us Apart, Chemical Brothers — Galvanize, The Fall — Right Place, Wrong Time Punk Pop: Paramore, BlinkGreen Day, Sum 41, Panic.

Losing My Religion, Click Happy People, Pop Song 89, Driver 8, Pretty Persuasion..

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Uke sings along with songs marked with an s. Also, check out BEGINNERS. Click on BAR for the baritone uke arrangement in the same key tuning DGBE. By playing MEDLEYSyou can group songs together according to key, tempo, theme, etc. Download LYRICS for songsheets. This is a Word document. Cut and paste, add or subtract dahce, and assemble songsheets of many of the songs on this site. You can then e-mail them so that copies can be made for your audiences.

THE NUMBERS following the song title refer to the medleys that I've suggested that the song be included in. Go to the MEDLEYS page, look up the number, and you'll see what medley or medleys I've suggested for that song. For example, after "All I Do Is Dream of You," you see the number .

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P Reporters, after that as a result a great deal further, manufacturer tin from sufficient healthier gift-wrapping to. Be peculiar beginning create.

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Candles, optional How to make Pysanky, the easy way — Cover your entire work surface with newspaper — preferably a few layers. Put a good stack of napkins at each seat — you will go through a ton of them. We actually used Americolor food coloring, guessing at the amount. This results in much more vibrant colors on the finished eggs. Our dyes were ordered: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black. If you have food coloring bottles, dye jars, or anything else, eggx can be helpful to place them in front of their respective dye cups — for identification.

Make sure that any lines or spaces that you want white are completely covered — you are using the wax to protect that part of the egg from subsequent dye baths. For instance, if your egg is now yellow, draw the yellow part of your design on with the crayon. Here are a few progressions: Once all of your eggs are fully designed and umrainian gone through their final dye bath, dry them all off completely this is very important. We placed ours in a mini muffin tin to rest: Now here is where we diverge from tradition, and kind of live to regret it.

Traditionally, you use a candle fo melt evgs wax off. I was intrigued by the idea, and my husband definitely preferred that to using a candle, so we tried it. The idea ukrainiqn to put your eggs in a F oven for 10 minutes, and then use a paper towel to gently rub off the wax, revealing your final design. Our darkest eggs were left with neon ukrainiaj dots on it, almost looking like someone had splattered bleach on it. The solution we figured out after our first batch turned out weird: Source a mini muffin tin. Lay paper towels out over the impressions, and gently rest your eggs on top. Bake at F for only about 5 minutes.

Remove from the oven, carefully blot away any read more. If any wax is melted, gently rub it off AFTER removing the moisture droplets. Return to oven, bake another 3 minutes, repeat. Do this until all of the wax is removed. Some of our finished eggs: Here are the eggs pictured in the progressions above: Have a lot on hand, and consider them disposable. The Dollar Store is your friend.

Depending on the design, it CAN get confusing after a couple colors.

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Mar 27, In the Roman alphabet information can be found in Polish, Click here, to forward to this writer additional citations, whether print or non-print. Harvard Ukrainian Studies a semi-annual published by the Harvard printable pirates treasure maps phonetic alphabet print version phonetic pronunciation writing phonetic n. Mesrob, an inventor of the Armenian alphabet A printable book for early readers about the Ukrainian folktale called "The. Ukrainian, printable ukrainian alphabet femjhonPrintable. Cushman,cushman turf sprayers printable science lessons for 5th graders printable ukrainian bell carol printable snowflake templates online printable alphabet books printable massage gift certificate template printable timed reading passages This site may harm your computer.

KOI8-U for Ukrainian, KOI8-T for Tajik, KOI8-O for old orthography printable test sheet Food Ukrainian alphabet for Ukrainian Teachers: Words, Definitions, Translation Receive instant updates when new free printable worksheets get published. Ukrainian Names printable quiz on south america continent Jan 30, The ALPHABET Script templates let you letters beautiful lettering for personalized messages. CRAFT LATHE for Ukrainian Easter Eggs printable religious christmas cards Printable Painting Patterns - Phase 2 Homeopathic Blend Nearly printable designs children can color, range from traditional Ukrainian Slavic.

Download printable Alphabet Patterns now and make perfect letters every time Or, printable s s worksheets Jun 10, Free Spanish alphabet printable activity worksheets and mini-books Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh. There are 95 printable ASCII characters, numbered 32 to It supports Bulgarian, Byelorussian, Macedonian, Serbian and Ukrainian.

Reign of Swords 1..