Essay if i were an inventor


If you could invent something new, what product would you develop? Use specific details to explain why this invention is needed?

Essay if i were an inventor

In today's era global essay if i were an inventor is the most difficult problem in front of the whole world. If I were be the scientist, I would have invented such an equipment by which we can detect the shortcoming of any event which can be hazardous for our environment.

If you could invent something, what would it be and why?

The power of science is almost boundless. I would invent a micro but it would get foods cold. You would look through the peeky-hole and you would get the litter on target and push the button and the litter would go into the bag part. Katherine, age 8 of Lowell, MA if I was an Inventor I would make luner panel like a solar panel but for the moon Jenna, age 10 of Hemet, CA I would invent a shoe that is sort of like ballet pointe shoes only that you can wear them essay if i were an inventor normal shoes. It therefore follows that more than anybody else the scientist exercises the greatest controlling influence over human life today. Savannah, age 7 of Athens, GA I would invent the time machine because it would help me make other cool inventions and it would make me famous! This device will detect any burglary or crime before it even happens. But while people talk and argue, science goes on taking long strides, blissfully ignorant of the praises or the abuses heaped on its head.

So any equipment which can essay if i were an inventor beforehand that certain event can be dangerous for our enviornment and by that we can stop it and prevent further damage to the atmosphere. By this invention the entire humanity will be benefited.

Deedee, age 12 of Highland, IA A race car that runs on water. Normally, every human being is desirous of peace, progress, plenty and prosperity. It would have no wheels and no gas, just air. And people can use it anywhere. I wwas thing of it like a stick or just a regular dowl or somthing covered in tape so you can roll it on to infentor. That way, if cars crashed into each other it would be just like bumper cars, the car would just bump pretty hard here then roll back into place Hence we need not offer any apologies for wishing to be a scientist.

Now a day, more and more people are using automobiles and fumes out of chemical factories first of all directly affect the human health. They also damage ozone layer which can protect us from harmful ultra violet rays. Deforestation has also added to the problem.

There are serious attacks from all the sides on the nature. Our successors will be in grave problem because there will be more and more natural calamities.

  • A scientist is also a man subject to these weaknesses.
  • Get it in any shape or with your name on it.
  • Allison, age 8 of Canandaigua, NY if I was a inventor I would invent a shirt that keeps growing so you don't grow out of it Ibrahim, age 10 of Buffalo, NY I would invent a device to put inside your stuffed animal so that it would turn alive and become a real pet.

Global warming has created threat not only for some endangered species but for all the living beings. There are temperature variations in all the seasons in every part of the world.

Awesome if i inventor essay an were Very Appreciative

For example, there are lot of island being formed out of glaciers as a result of high temperature. This problem needs a quick and effective solution. I think we need such an instrument which can help us by warning us prior that certain event is dangerous for the environment.

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So that we can stop such activities before hand and further damage to the earth's ambience can be prevented. For example, if we had a machine which could had told our ancestors that deforestation may lead to such problemes ; or they might had known the effect click to see more pollution on ozone layer;or the effect construction of dams on the enviorment on future generation, they would have not done that. By inventing such an instrument I would be able at least delay the natural disasters in coming future.

Essay if i were an inventor

In the conclusion I will say invention of such a machine which can detect that particular event can alter the balance in the atmosphere can save present as well as the future of humanity. If I could get a chance I would love to protect my surrounding in every possible way.


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