Why abortion should be illegal essay


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Sponsor This Essay Abortion is Wrong Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without you? Every living person was put here for a reason, link only God knows what that reason is. This is why I believe that abortion is wrong and in the sanctity of human life. The world may have been a very different place if abortion had not been legalized.

For example, you may want to persuade your boss to raise your salary or to be promoted. State the counterclaim and refute it. As you are close to finishing your argumentative essay, be precise about what you want to say. There is a risk to make it the last chance to give birth to a child. Wade decision of legalizes abortion in the U. TIP 6 — Choose the side. The sad part is that these consequences are negative and unfavorable.

Abortion is wrong because it ends a human life, causes emotional and sometimes physical harm to the mother, and is aiding in the current global economic crisis. Many people think that a unborn baby is just a useless clump of cells which can be thrown away with the trash this, however is not true. A person is a person from the moment of their conception.

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Unborn babies are little humans, to small to even speak for themselves, that should be loved and have the same rights as humans that have been born. The very idea ilkegal a unborn human is not a human is absurd. Abortion lllegal be illegal, just as murder is. Why does our world think it is okay to kill a child while the are at the most vulnerable stage in their development? This is a question that Il,egal have never had answered to my satisfaction.

Unborn children should have the same legal rights as everyone else. Another reason for abortion to be illegal is that it not only ends a human life, but also causes great pain to the mother. When an unplanned pregnancy is discovered, many distressed mothers turn to abortion because abortion do not know what it really is, and are in a crisis situation looking for an easy way out.

Abortion, however is not an easy way out. Studies have shown that abortion makes the risk of cancer much higher. An abortion done improperly can have many side effects, including death.

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This is another reason why abortion is wrong. The worlds current economic crisis can also partially be blamed on abortion. It takes twelve working members of society to support one retiree.

abortion should be illegal essay

In addition, understanding that the amount of babies aborted since the s could populate a small country should be good enough reasons abortion should be illegal. Please contact This I Believe, Inc. The gender that is determined iillegal conception does not just start life, it defines it. There are many reasons abortion should be illegal including the descriptive and disturbing stories about how aborted babies sometime scream as they come out and the looks of pain on their faces. If the doctor does puncture other organs instead of the fetus, complications can be major. Abortion means to kill a new life and to endanger a woman's body. Many people think that a unborn baby is just a useless clump of cells exsay can be thrown away with the trash this, however is not true. All this should be mentioned in the introduction paragraph for abortion essay. Prove there is a God and you can win the debate.

When the number of retired people is close to the same as the number of working people, the government cannot get enough tax money to support everyone. This leads to taxes being raised and government aid being reduced. As the taxes are raised on businesses, they have to raise there priceswhich is hard on families. If abortion was not legal, there would be more working citizens who could pay their taxes.

The government would have enough money. Abortion ends a human life, therefore it is wrong and should be illegal. A lady confessed to Padre Pio sesay she had had an abortion and he told her that she had killed the greatest pope who would have ever lived.

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Imagine how many great doctor, inventors, and politicians have been aborted since it was legalized. We will never know what the world would have been like if all the aborted babies had lived.

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Why abortion should be illegal essay

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  • In , abortion was legalized in the United States via the famous court case of Roe vs Wade.
  • Roe was a single and pregnant woman who was fighting the state of Texas where the law stated she was not allowed to get an abortion.
  • In abortion, not only the woman is involved but the fetus too.

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