Should abortion be legal or illegal essay


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The author expresses an opinion about why abortion should be legal. The two main reasons cited are pregnancy by rape and that it would be impossible to stop illegal abortions.

They believe that no matter what stage of the pregnancy the child is in, it is still considered a human being. Several hundred thousand women were treated for health complications due to botched, unsanitary, or self-induced abortions. The result of this deformation meant that her son would never walk. The beliefs and opinions of these people are generally divided into two groups, those who call themselves pro-choice and those referring to themselves as pro-life.

Abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy through removal of the embryo or fetus. I support abortion for the following reasons.

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If a girl is raped she has the right to abort the fetus because she would not want a baby with such a memory. Source a woman feels that it is necessary for her to get an abortion, it would not matter if it is illegal or not, she will get an illegal one anyway which is hazardous for her own health. When a girl is raped, she feels dreadful.

Should abortion be legal or illegal essay

The trauma of being raped could break her down and make her depressed and that is only the sssay. After she gets raped, in her own should abortion be legal or illegal essay, she has no respect or self-esteem for herself and then comes the embarrassment.

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Her reputation in the should abortion be legal or illegal essay will be damaged permanently and everyone will look down upon her. Even her own family's reputation will be tainted. After the unwanted baby is born, the childhood leval he or she will get will not be the best one it deserves because of how it was originated.

Why Abortion Should Be Illegal

As well, there is strong evidence that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. The questions on them were about how old were they, if they thought abortions should be legal or illegal, if women should be the only ones to make a decision on abortions and on abortion related stuff, if abortions were to be illegal, should it legal in certain situationsand their overall opinion about abortions. We also clarified questions that the person taking the survey has trouble understanding and providing background information to those who ask. When a girl is raped, she feels dreadful. Many countries ban abortion and many institutions fight against it. Abortion is immoral and it should not be legalized. Humans are the only animals that kill their babies intentionally. We, as a group, hope that our research helps here the eyes of some people on what exactly happens during an abortion, some of the arguments of pro-life and pro-choiceand some history and background about abortions.

At home, the raped woman would not be a good mother and be cruel to the baby. Therefore, because of this abnormal type of childhood, when the child grows up and becomes a teenager, he will often turn to crime and be involved in gangs and drugs.

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He has a very strong chance of getting hurt or getting arrested or in a worse case scenario, be killed. All this could be prevented if the mother was allowed to get an abortion early on and she would not have to face all the shame and embarrassment for herself and her family. My second reason is that if woman got raped and she really wanted an abortion, may it be legal or not, she will get one.

When we are desperate, we do sesay things and that is essag a woman will do. You cannot stop her from getting an illegal one, which is very, very dangerous for the woman from the use of non sterilized tools This section contains words approx.

Should abortion be legal or illegal essay


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