Should abortion be legal in canada essay


This section contains words approx. Ina law was passed to regulate abortion under the Criminal Code.

Before abortions were legal a lot of women lost their lives during the abortion process. Finally, I will conclude by briefly stating my opinion regarding this issue after analyzing these arguments of the other side of the coin. Those who are anti-choice also claim that abortion is wrong because it violates the rights of the fetus, but what about the rights of the woman? So you now know how much abortion can affect your life in big ways! It should not be up to the government to decide if abortions should be illegal. If a young woman is not mentally or financially prepared to have a child, but accidentally gets pregnant, legalized abortion allows the young woman to have a right to choose to not bring a baby into a life of despair.

It permitted a qualified medical practioner to perform an abortion, if prior approval was obtained by a Therapeutic Abortion Committee. A Supreme Court here Canada decision found this process unconstitutional.

The law was rendered unenforceable and abortion was effectively decriminalized. As of March a woman may obtain an abortion in all provinces and territories of Canada, except Prince Edward Island. For many years now many different people with should abortion be legal in canada essay life situations had different opinions about abortion.

Should abortion be legal in canada essay

Some people say it is completely wrong, some say it is fine under certain circumstances, and some think it is right. Abortion is wrong because most of the women are unsure about their decisions, and some women may regret it later in their life, wondering whether the made the right choice or not. How can they be sure when they are taking their own child's life?

The federal government should eliminate legalized abortion because it is wrong morally to kill a human being, especially your own child, and is wrong according to the Bible. A Supreme Court of Canada decision

Abortion has to be a decision left to women and not the government. Could you imagine if people like Alexander Graham Shohld or Fredrick Banting got aborted? As in an economy, when something is in demand, legal or not, people will sell and buy it. Once a mother aborts her baby they will never forgive themselves. YOU MAY ALSO FIND THESE DOCUMENTS HELPFUL Essay on Abortion Should Abortion Be Legal?



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