Reasons abortion should be illegal essay


You realize not everyone chose to have a child. Some people want kids but cant have them so instead of abortion give them up to someone who wants them instead of killing and innocent life because you cant be safe or keep your legs close. Its not hard maybe if u be safe and not source with ever person that comes in your life.

When a girl is raped, she feels dreadful. Before legal abortion, such women's choices were limited to dangerous illegal abortion or dangerous childbirth. There are enough kids being put up for adoption. As long as I breath, I will fight for my cause. Esszy believe that regardless of how small this life is, it is still considered a life which must not only be protected, but also respected. Though she may not tell anyone, eventually the truth reveals itself through circumstance, guilt, or mistake. Some people think that abortion is an easy way to avoid having a baby.

I understand we all have a different view but this is mine so get over it and its really not hard to be safe. Nicole Bowen Yes, because I am going to go through a grueling, physical, mental, emotional, and financial hell, AND potentially life-threatening procedure that will change my body forever just so some other person can have my baby that I never wanted in the first place.

There are enough kids being put up for adoption. Bearer of Truth So basically your convenience is more click the following article than an innocent life?

Reasons abortion should be illegal essay

John YES… We have done this for thousands of years. The rich do it, the church did it for hundreds of years. When being pregnant… It is ALL about you. By your logic, we would need to not kill any life form on this planet for food to survive and instead just think about those said life forms and end up dead yourself. Meme Buddy, ever heard of rape? Why should your philosophical rights that you believe this embryo or fetus has overrule the rights of a legal citizen?

Also, not that you care, but rape accounts for less than one visit web page of causes for abortion. When you bring a life into the world, you do owe them something. The right to live, should be a priority. RocketCorn17 the rocketer WHAT YOU SAID!! Living in the thought of a baby is born put up for adoption and adopted into a loving family is sadly, a fantasy because it is not often things turn out that way.

Ava people who murder an innocent life are just as selfish and disgusting if not more than the person who raped them Meme What if the person who was raped might not make it through the pregnancy? Its not even developed yet, not alive yet. Hopefully your life is not that pathetic. We kill thousands of life forms per day, maybe we should all take our lives to save them. John Aw well, millions of life forms that can feel die per day… This topic is about it being illegal.

Beckson Franacchi It IS alive at the moment of conception. You need to get educated. Kat A bacteria is living, correct? A bacteria is ONE cell.

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A zygote is also one cell, like it or on not, the baby is living as soon as the egg is fertilized. This is freshman biology… Be grateful your mother did not abort you… RocketCorn17 the rocketer silver orland Your hypocrisy is unbearable. There are so many logical fallacies and errors.

It is none of our business whether a human has rights? It is none of our business if we slowly become like the Nazis? Quit thinking about yourselves. Think about your child for once and quit being so selfish an abortion, by defintion, is a matter between link mother AND her child. In fact, the only reason you were able to be such a hypocrite is because your mom took a minute to think about you and NOT get an abortion. If your mom got an abortion, would you be so happily promoting it now?

Few Nazis had regrets. What is your point? It is bad regardless of if they feel bad. If they are desensitized to murder, than you should reconsider using them to justify your side. That is your opinion. When you believe personhood to begin for a fetus is entirely your opinion. I will respect your opinion, just like you should respect mine.

No one is forcing you to get an abortion. No one is oppressing you. A mother does not have a physical obligation to a child. A child is a completely separate, individual person that can survive on their own. It relies on her body to function. Stop impeding on her rights with your own philosophies. We already haveorphans just in the US waiting to be adopted within the adoption and foster care system.

Poverty will also skyrocket, and the standard of living will go down. And no one is promoting abortion. People are trying to protect the right to get a professional operation if one feels the need to do so. To be completely honest, if I knew my mother did not want me, and I was going to be a giant, unwanted burden that she was going to be forced in to, then I would not force myself on her. Abortion is already an extremely emotionally and personal thing. On the pro-choice side, no one is judging anyone, other than the people who want to force their own religious philosophies on others.

The 14th amendment states that a citizen is someone who is BORN or naturalized in the United States. The rights you believe a fetus to have DOES NOT overrule the legal rights of a woman. RocketCorn17 the rocketer I think its horrible! RocketCorn17 the rocketer stop they are alive and God sent them here for a reason. Darby the Meme If God sent babies, then why does he give women miscarriages? John Cause these type of people believe in whatever fairy tale they come across. The only reason abortion should be used is for purposes for rape only.

Abortion is killing and killing is a sin so this should not be done.

  • Come see with the rest of us what evil has been released into this world.
  • My second reason is that if woman got raped and she really wanted an abortion, may it be legal or not, she will get one.
  • Fertilization and embryogenesis is a heavily studied field in medicine.

Are you for rape victims having to marry their rapists? Are you for these? Will you follow through with these? The first was made to protect the virgin girl. Even if she was engaged to someone else, most likely the betrothed would reject her. Plus, virgin men were supposed to marry virgin women only, which protected them from diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Plus, this would discourage rapists. He regretted their attitude, just as he regrets yours.

The women teaching here are not teaching in public like the man does, referring to religious teaching. Women were to serve in another way. This was under the mosaic law, which has long been discontinued. A good judge is not happy with his decisions, because a good judge follows the law, where a bad judge overlooks the law to satisfy an internal bias, and becomes very happy. Kathy I agree with the intent of your post, but some victims of rape still see the value of the infant and give it a chance to live.

A very tiny percentage less than one tenth of one percent of pregnancies actually threaten the LIFE of the mother.

This is why no one should ever do anything to prevent people from having access to birth control, especially young adults who are most adversely effected by unwanted pregnancies. Even her own family's reputation will be tainted. Help For Essay Writing. So abortioh stories describing the human characteristics of these aborted babies remain untold therefore the uneducated woman continues the growing statistics of this action. When I read your post I see the devil behind the computer screen pouring his blood red ink into your heart.

Those ought to have the benefit of more than one opinion. And some tests are wrong and miracles do happen.

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Even though Hitler professed the Catholic religion, he really was not an energetic member and in fact many of his collaborators were atheists, including Joseph Goebbels and Martin Bormann. Darby the Meme Hitler said that the Holocaust was something God told him to do. Ed Boumil If this is really about God, and abortion is evil in his eyes, then why does god allow stillbirths? Why are children born to drug addicts and improverished 3rd world rape victims that cannot afford to feed their kids? And from a biological standpoint the early fetal brain is not developed nor wired in the way a conscious, later term fetus is.

It is not conscious. Our existence is the culmination of experiences, of memories, these define our perspectives and reactions. An early term fetus is nothing more than chemical reactions, potential energy. I see no reason why it should be totally illegal to abort it. Slapping god on an explanation is the lazy way out. It is developing, but it will soon obtain the necessary elements to survive.

Telling someone the reasons why abortion is wrong in their case is not judging, as sometimes these women miss on diverse opportunities to improve their condition without having to arrive to something so radical. If you think otherwise that shows your materialistic mentality, which to me is the saddest way to live of all. Sorry, but the so-called proof of evolution is modified to meet the criteria of the evolutionists; i. If God controlled our every movement, then free will would not exist.

Why should there be a why? First, viruses are considered lifeless in any stage of their formation.

Reasons abortion should be illegal essay

Second, they are without any development in any way. I believe the real issue here is your own lack of appreciation for the real source of life. Complex life only comes from previous complex life. Early life would need to be nothing more than self replicating genetic material, and this has been demonstrated self-replicating RNA molecules in a test tube. In comparison, even simple life forms such as E. The issue with total replication is it takes billions of years to occur.

Interestingly we also find spontaneously formed organic molecules in meteorites all the time, and evidence for these molecules elsewhere, meaning the universe already contains the prerequisite materials for life all over. So yes, from a statistical standpoint, when dealing with the unfathomably massive size of our galaxy alone, in a sea of uncountable galaxies, it appears highly likely life would arise in at least one place spontaneously.

I have no grievances with viruses, pesky as they may be. However the definition of life is arbitrary.

How to Cite this Page MLA Citation: There are plenty of christian evolutionary biologists, they just believe in a non-intervening god. These actions result in distress for not only the pregnant woman, but also her family. That is a bad argument. Besides, it's possible that women die because of it. RocketCorn17 the rocketer WHAT YOU SAID!!

It would be much easier to just attribute us to the direct creation of a conscious will, however mountains of evidence directly contradict the creationist dogma. There are plenty of christian evolutionary biologists, they just believe in a non-intervening god. Most counterarguments to evolution in reality demonstrate a lack of understanding of the principles, since evolution and belief in god are compatible. Come to Massachusetts, tons of Catholics here believe in evolution no problem. Fertilization and embryogenesis is a heavily studied field in medicine. Tristan I believe Abortion is murder as well.

Anyone of you guys for example memes Nicole or John or Darby the meme have been utterly dumbed and can not see through the smoke in your eyes. The argument on rape is very flawed. People have some common sense. Saying us Christians are to immature and dumb to see that killing a baby is ok is maddening. When I read your post I see the devil behind the computer screen pouring his blood red ink into your heart.

That it is the blood of all those murdered children. As long as I breath, I will fight for my cause. Even then I have millions of others that will take my place to end this. Nope, All of a sudden you begin to burn to death as the acid slowly decomposes your body, you attempt to escape by thrashing and violently jerking. Rape, people, is bad. But doing something else bad is even worse. I want you to fight against the devil to not post some immature comment to my argument and think a second. Why do you need to support the manslaughter of our kind. Why kill the innocent baby inside that womb.

The baby has no right and the holder believes they can do what they want with it. Wait a second I thought that was outlawed? I hope you enjoy your decision. If not then come out of that smoke that has blinded you. Come see with the rest of us what evil has been released into this world. I would like to thank Danita Carter, sul, Rocket Corn, Ava and many others that have attempted to change the hearts of others. On one last note. I believe abortion should be illegal unless in the emergency of the woman click here puts her life at stake.

Even then we should do our best, even if it means our lives, to help support life. Thank you for your time. I got the whole bible to back me up bud. Tristan Wow to salty to fight back….


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