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Phrases not to use in an essay

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English Composition 1 Formal Writing Voice Have you ever attended an event in which "formal" attire is expected. You probably did not wear old jeans with holes in the knees, a stained tee shirt promoting your favorite beverage, and a pair of sandals. You probably chose more formal attire. If you were giving an important speech to a group of people you do not know, would you use the same kind of language you use when talking with friends. Recognizing your lack of familiarity with the audience, the importance of the occasion, your desire to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject, and the impression you would like to make, you would probably use a more formal voice for your speech than what you would use when talking with close friends.

For all of the essays you write for this course, you should use a formal writing voice. You should use the kind of language you would use when giving an important speech, not the kind of language you might use when talking with close friends. A formal tone helps establish the writer's respect for the audience and suggests that the writer is serious about his or her topic. It is the kind of tone that educated people use when communicating with other educated people.

Most academic writing uses a formal tone. The following guidelines should help you maintain a formal writing voice in your essays. Do not use first-person pronouns "I," "me," "my," "we," "us," etc. Using these expressions in analytical and persuasive essays can make the writing wordy, can make the writer seem less confident of his or her ideas, and can give the essay an informal tone.

Use of first-person pronouns is unnecessary in the kinds of essays you are writing for the course. Readers will know that they are reading your thoughts, beliefs, or opinions, so you do not need to state, "I think that," "I believe that," or "in my opinion. Example I think that this character is confused. This character is confused.

The second sentence is less wordy, sounds more formal, and conveys a more confident tone. You want to sound formal, not awkward and stiff.

Write an essay about online shopping queen

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Online Auction - Words Checkpoint: The mission of eBay is provide a global trading platform where practically anyone can trade practically anything. There is no retail store for eBay is a internet store where sellers seller their items and them ship Words: A truly great shopping cart is considered an E-commerce solution. Credit Card Processing Next you need some way of accepting online payments.

This normally means credit cards. There are also other types of payments that the shopping cart should handle, checks, E-checks, cod, phone orders and person-to-person. Merchant Account Merchant accounts aren't the same as ordinary bank accounts even though ordinary banks provide them. These accounts allow a business to accept credit cards as Words: Online shopping has been evolving over the years with rising concerns about its security; it can be made more secure by keeping a track of the sellers, using authentic online sites for shopping and with the introduction of online money to make fraud minimal or impossible.

Many people are concerned about fraud in online shopping due to which they Words: People have hard decisions on what make and model computer they want to buy. Some people do not want to spend a lot on a computer, and some do not mind spending a lot on a computer or laptop. CHOOSING THE RIGHT COMPUTER Choosing a computer can be quite hard for some customers. So when it comes to buying a computer some people Words: My computer experience is somewhat Words: Overuse of technology is having a negative impact on humans and their relationships.

I have seen the online world get very popular with in the years of my existence. When I was a young child, I remember playing video games all the time. Video games and online games have really changed. Now it is possible to play with multiple people at a time over the internet and play Words: How to deal with internet Meanies Trolls Trolling is a relatively new expression that has taken a darker twist in recent years, with the explosion of social media on the internet.

Beginning an essay with a quote example

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While there are many different approaches to writing introductory paragraphs, you may want to consider beginning your essay with a quotation. Finding the right quotation and using it well within the framework of your own words can ensure that your essay is off to a great start. Using a quotation that is very famous in the same way that everyone uses that quotation will bore your reader. Finding a quote that is surprising in some way. Consider one of the following approaches: Quote a person saying something that someone would not expect them to say.

Quote someone who is not universally famous. Use a well-known quote but contradict it. Knowing the context in which the quotation was originally used is important to using it accurately. It will also begimning you determine whether the quote is an appropriate means of introducing your essay. The effectiveness of the quotation you use will be determined by the audience of your paper. Determine whether the audience essay be familiar bebinning the person who you are quoting. If it is someone obscure or you think they will not be familiar, consider providing additional brief details.

Do quoet use a quote that could be offensive to the audience unless you plan to contradict the quotation. Strike a balance between assuming your audience knows everything and assuming they know nothing. You should be clear and qoute but not insulting to the intelligence of your reader. The well-executed quotation is one way to draw your reader in to your essay. A snappy quotation that doesn't help to set up your topic, or that is unrelated to the rest of your essay, will distract from the essay's focus.

Quotes see more not stand alone in your paper. Your words should introduce the quotation, wity coming before the quote though after may be okay. Several options for quoote the quotation are available to you: Use the quote as a sentence predicate.

Write an essay about myself remix

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Starting an essay with a quote apa

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APA In-text Citations Key features: In the text of your paper, be sure to document at least two pieces of information each time you cite a source: The year of publication of the source. If you actually give a quote from the source, the page number for the quotation should also be included. Here are some examples of APA in-text citations Author named in your essat Author cited in parentheses: Author and year listed in the sentence: No in-text citation is needed here because the author and the year of the study are listed in the sentence.

Specific citations of pages or chapters: It is acceptable to include the page number in a separate parenthetical reference. The page number can also be included in the parenthetical reference. Source with two authors: Three quotf five authors: The first time you mention the source, include it in your sentence and list all authors. The Terms of Use explains the specific permissions granted.

About the OWL The RSCC OWL was born June 5, It's among the oldest and wisest OWLs..

Write an essay about wild animals

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Essay on Wild Animals: Top 12 Essays Wildlife Geography Article shared by: Lion Panthera Leo Persica: It is a gregarious top carnivorous animal leading family life. Though, it has characteristic of territorialism but less than the tiger. It prefers open scrub forest as its habitat but mixed thorny deciduous forest is also liked. It is found presently only in Gir Forest of Gujarat State in our country as well as in the whole Asian continent and, hence, also called as Asiatic Lion. The other race is in Africa in the world.

Since it is found only in Gir forest, its management requires too much attention. There should be perfect conservation to enhance-its population. The habitat should be improved to raise the carrying-capacity for the prey species to meet the full demand of lion so that population may go up in proper direction.

There should be total control in grazing of the livestock to fulfill the food requirement of herbivorous prey species. The habitat should be manipulated properly to supply basic requirements of the lions. To save from epidemics, it should be introduced in other habitats which will also help in raising population. Tiger Panthera Tigris Tigris: Tiger is a top carnivorous animal. It is solitary in nature having apparent territory. It is nocturnal predator living in dense forest to get easiness in killing the prey. It lives in all types of forest such as thorny forest, dry and moist deciduous forest, evergreen and semi-evergreen forest.

To raise its population, the habitat-improvement is the most important. Pasture lands should be improved raising the carrying-capacity of the habitat for herbivorous preys which will ultimately enhance the population of the tiger. There should be control-grazing or ban on grazing, as needed, for livestock.

Other basic needs of the target species should be improved in the habitat.

Quotes to start an application essay

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Giving Your Scholarship Essay a Solid Start September 11, by Scholarships. In the case of essay scholarships that are easy to enter or that come with a substantial award, you may be facing quite a lot of competition. In fact, with many scholarship competitions, you may be up against so much competition that there's no guarantee a reviewer will even have time to completely read and digest each scholarship essay submitted.

This makes your essay's introduction vitally important. The first sentence of your scholarship application is your first, best and possibly only chance to capture your reader's attention. To have the best chance at winning scholarshipsyou need to know how to start your essay off right. The following are some tips to help you craft an eye-catching introduction that gets your foot in the door and gets your application the attention it deserves. Put it in your own words.

While starting with a quote is a common syart in speaking and some writing, it may not work best in article source scholarship application essay. Leading with a quote shows the reviewer that you know how to read, but esay doesn't tell much else about you or your ideas. Use your own words to begin, and if a quote supports or enhances your argument, consider bringing it in later in the essay.

One of your essay's goals should be to distinguish you from the competition, and it won't do this if it rehashes the same overused expressions that everyone else employs. Keep in mind that the scholarship reviewer will be reading hundreds or even thousands of applications. What seems clever or cute the first time doesn't seem that way after the 50th or th iteration. A good rule to follow is that if a phrase belongs on a bumper sticker or in an e-mail from your mom, it likely does not belong in your scholarship essay.

Establish a personal connection. If your experience gives you a unique perspective on the essay's topic, show your reader this. Most people are suckers for personal anecdotes, provided the stories are interesting and well-told. Make sure the story you tell fits these criteria and actually enriches your essay and contributes to your overall message.

Write an essay about your life

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Unlike autobiography, which spans an entire life, memoir assumes the life and ignores most of it. The memoir writer takes us back to some corner of his or her past that was unusually intense—childhood, for instance—or that was framed by war or some other social upheaval. Petersburg, a world of private tutors and summer houses that llfe Russian Revolution would end forever. It's an act of essah frozen in a unique time and place. Think narrow, then, when you try the form. Memoir isn't the summary of a life; it's a window into a life, very much like a photograph in its selective composition.

It may look like a casual and even random calling up of bygone events. It's not; it's a deliberate construction. Thoreau wrote seven different drafts of Walden in eight years; no American memoir was more painstakingly pieced together. To write a good memoir you must become the editor of your own life, imposing on an untidy sprawl of half-remembered events a narrative shape and an organizing idea. Memoir is the art of inventing the truth. One secret of the art is detail. Any kind of detail will work—a sound or a smell or a song title—as long as it played a shaping role in the portion of your life you have chosen to distil.

MEMOIR EXCERPT 1 Consider sound. There was a mission-style oak writd clock standing in the hall, which sent its gong-like strokes through the living room, dining room, kitchen, and pantry, and up the sounding board of the stairwell. Through the night, it could find its way into our ears; sometimes, even on the sleeping porch, midnight could wake us up.

My parents' bedroom had a smaller striking clock that answered it. Though the here clock did nothing but show the time, the dining room clock was a cuckoo clock with weights on long chains, on one of which my baby brother, after climbing on a chair to the top of the china closet, once succeeded in suspending the cat for a moment. I don't know whether or not my father's Ohio family, in having been Swiss back in the s before the first three Welty brothers came to America, had anything to do with this; esay we all of us have been time-minded all our lives.